Zelda Wii U- A Transformation of Link?


No one can deny the beauty that surrounds the new Zelda game on Wii U. If graphics could talk, it would say “Look at me, I know you can’t look away”. Initially I was floored with the graphic fidelity that my eyes was beholding. I am impressed with what they were able to do.

The environment seemed to be full of life and animated with great detail. I for one, had no complaints with the continued use of cell- shaded graphics. Though it is a departure from the Zelda 2011 tech demo that we grew to love.

The choice to go with the cell-shaded look has definitely been a shock to others wishing for a darker and grittier Zelda.

However, one of the most controversial things that has come up has been that Link looks like a girl. Of course I don’t agree with this but we are talking about someone who used to think that Link was Zelda. Lol could you believe that? Anyway, I have come a long ways since then.

I think that Link’s appearance has changed but not to the point of where he looks like a girl. Even if he looked like a girl he would still be a lady’s man!

Perhaps Link had some plastic surgery to look younger as he has been around for a while? Who knows, but I am sure his new appearance will have no effect on his abilities in the game.


What are your thoughts on the new Zelda Wii U reveal? Does Link look like a female?

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A Letter to Nintendo

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Dear Nintendo:

As an advent fan of Nintendo, I write.

You were the first name in my head when it came to gaming. Mario was the new kid on the block with an addiction to mushrooms.

You are the originator. You set the trend and foot print for all these other companies to follow.

Nintendo, your video game characters are legendary and have become icons.

For a long time I used to think Link’s name was Zelda but, thanks to the help of others I now know who he is.

Somewhere down the line you lost focus, I think it was after the Wii systems success.  It was a big hit and offered a new way to play.

The thought of naming your next generation console after its predecessor and only adding a U to the name was not a good idea. Assuming that people would jump on board when they are not sure as to what the system is or what it could do was not either.

This has been addressed through advertising which will help in the long run.

Perhaps, if the system had a different name the outcome would have been different.

What strikes a chord with me personally is that your company continues to lack in features that should be standard. Features such as voice chat, video chat with more than one person, voice messaging, and a faster UI.

The Wii u has made strides with things such as MI verse. The Wii u has potential to grow over time but that is only if you will allow it.

A structured online system should have been in place from the start.

Onto the games, the Wii U is overdue its promised games, and you continue to spit them out at snail pace expecting people to hang on. Sure the Nintendo enthusiasts will cling for dear life but what about the rest of us?

I love Nintendo for what it was not what it is currently. I know that the games coming this year will knock our socks off but, the truth is they are long overdue.

I can literally count on my fingers the amount of apologies I have heard. Don’t be sorry, make progress, do better and for once listen to your fan base and maybe the nay Sayers as good criticism will only make you better.

Become the Nintendo we all know your capable of!


A Nintendo Fan.  

My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems Of All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Top 7 Favorite Video Game Systems of All Time!!!!! Here we Goooo

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1. Wii U- This should come as no surprise as I have been an advocate for the Nintendo Wii U. As mentioned in earlier posts, Nintendo failed to market the system and games were often delayed. With the launch of “Super Mario 3D World” Wii U sales are sure to pick up. Why Wii U? Currently, it has more quality games than the other next gen systems.



2. PlayStation 4- The beast of the next generation came charging in with pretty graphics and a ton of bells and whistles. Beyond the tech, the graphic fidelity now rivals pc.  It’s fast, fluid and allows you to broadcast your gaming  live on Twitch!

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3.  Dreamcast- Released in 1999, this system offered mind blowing graphics and was revolutionarily ahead of its time. I remember spending countless hours playing Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive 2 and Shenmue.  I feel this system should have lasted longer than it did. Oh Dreamcast, your still in my dreams!

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4. GameCube- The Cube! Another system made by Nintendo, also a graphic power house with games such as Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil one remake and Luigi’s Mansion.  This system featured mini game discs and a system in the shape of a cube. Unfortunately, to some the original launch color was a turn off. No one could deny the great games that were on this system.

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5. Sega Geneses- The Sega Geneses is another system that I grew up playing. I remember playing games like Vector Man, Streets of Rage and Mortal Kombat and Sonic.  Again, the graphics were cool for the time and during those days Sega was on top of it’s game as it relates to competition with Nintendo.

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6.  Nintendo NES- The system that started it all for me, was the  NES.  Mario was like a brother I never had, as I tried to  help him save his peaches, I mean Princess Peach. The system offered great games and established the video game icons that we are so familiar with today.

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7.  Just because the system is at the bottom of the list doesn’t mean its not my favorite. The Sony PlayStation ushered in a new level of gaming. 3D graphics allowed limitless games to be made and as such the system boasted a game in just about every genre. My favorite genre was fighting, I can remember playing Tekken 2 and Tobal #1 and Battle Arena Toshinden for hours, thanks Sony PlayStation!


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What are you favorite video game systems? Did next generation put the icing on the cake for you so much so that it replaces all previous generations of gaming? Is their a tie between a particular system? Do you disagree with my list? If so, comment below. Hit the follow button also to make sure you are alerted when I make a post!

Wii U….. My View! ….


Just play don’t hate!  Buy a Wii U today.

Wii U is one of the most controversial video game systems ever created. The system receives a high amount of attention, arguably more than the next gen consoles combined. However, this attention isn’t good.

Costing less than the soon to be released Xbox One and PS4, the Wii u continues the ground breaking trend of innovation by incorporating the use of a second screen (a tablet) during game play. It only helps that those games purchased not so long ago on the original Wii system are playable. All controllers and Accessories are compatible also.

The system is armed with 2 GB of ram, one dedicated to games while the other to the systems OS. It seems the problem is that developers are claiming  it cannot keep up or that it is not powerful enough.  Thus, we have the shortage of 3rd party support and the ever growing popularity of hate towards the system. Not only that, the systems aren’t moving off store shelves as they should due to lack of marketing and or confusion between the Wii and Wii U.  (Both systems have a similar name and look.)

The Wii U offers a new way to play at a competitive price as it relates to it’s competitors.  Those  Nintendo icons that stood the test of time will make their appearances on the system bringing back precious memories for those of us who started out with Nintendo originally.

The convenience of being able to play on the tablet alone is an added bonus. Perhaps, someone could save on their electricity bill if only during a game play session by turning off the TV and using the game pad instead.  The ability to conversate through Miiverse reminds me of Facebook but for gaming. Feel like posting a pic or a comment about a game?  Stuck on a level and not sure how to get past it? Post away and in no time you will have the help you need. The communities of Wii U owners are there to welcome you with open arms no matter what games you have.

Many say that they are bored with the system as it lacks most of the games seen on other systems.  Compared to  systems Xbox 360 and PS3, the Wii U has some distance to go as far as the game library is concerned.  However, since the next generation of gaming has started the other systems are in their transition as PS4 and Xbox One take their place. The Wii U will offer a nice alternative to those systems as the current Nintendo games cannot be found elsewhere.

The Wii U doesn’t deserve the negativity that it receives as it needs more time to grow. The system is only one years old.  Let the system mature to full potential before it’s tossed out to slaughter.

Are you a Wii U owner? What are your thoughts? Do you think the Wii U deserves the hate that it is receiving? Comment and share below! Is Nintendo to blame for all the hate on Wii U?


Caring not to care….


Ever so often as we navigate the road of life we are forced with the opinions of others, not for the common good but for that of others.

How did we get here? Reader’s do not critize eachothers choice of book, so why do gamers threaten, shun and verbally abuse one another because of one’s choice for one gaming console over the other?

It’s not about the games and experience anymore. Now its all about specs and tech instead of progress.

The opinion of others can be hard to bare as it can go past gaming and into our personal lifes.

In the end we gamers have to get back to the memories of yesteryear and remember what is most important. Game on whatever system that makes you happy after all, it’s your opinion that matters the most.

Have you encountered strong opinionated people at all? In the gaming community? Share your experience below!

Why is it so popular to bash Nintendo?


Nintendo , the name that started it all for me, has been around for a long time. They have been at the center of innovation in the gaming industry. 

Nintendo has made mistakes in terms of advertising  among other things. As a result one of their products isn’t selling well, that being the Wii U. A lack of  content  and unpreparedness has dampered  the bright and gleamy light that is Nintendo.

Does this  give gamers,haters, journalists and the like, the right to kick them when  they are  down?  Sure, they  made mistakes  but not it’s becoming common practice  to bash them. Want more  YouTube views on your video?   Bash Nintendo. Want a heated comment  section?  Hate on Nintendo.

This brings me to my question, could Nintendo  go back to being  the company  we grew  up with? Are  they  too kiddy? Is Nintendo  a after  thought  in the hardcore  gamer’s minds?

I must say i’m amazed with the concept  of having a gamepad to play games on. What are your thoughts? Please do register in order to comment!