Dear Microsoft, what are you doing?

Lately Microsoft has been the talk of the town with the Xbox One not having as many exclusives as Sony. With most of the games going to pc, gamers are on edge.  Seems like they are not caring as much as they should. Console gamers don’t care about being able to play anywhere but on their consoles.

Games are getting canceled left and right. I believe this all started with E3 when the Xbox one was first announced. There message was confusing and DRM practices made people dislike them. They haven’t regained their audience as PS4 has won the console race.

At this moment Microsoft is moving around like a chicken with its head cut off. Sure they may have some hidden games in development which they may reveal at this E3 but until then it feels like they have lost their footing. The Xbox division needs to realize that gamers want games, not just UI system updates.

I feel that Microsoft was its best during the days of the original Xbox . The system was very powerful and had a ton of games to boot. But most of all their message was clear and precise.

Xbox is my system of choice and I hope that they get their act together before its too late.

What’s your system of choice? What do you think of Microsoft’s current direction? As always follow, like and comment!



Earning Achievements

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Its fun to get recognition for the work or tasks you have completed.

If you are playing on a Microsoft console you will get achievements which have a number value and if your playing on the Playstation system you will unlock trophies.

You can read the name of each trophy or achievement so that you can select which one you want to unlock.

I play randomly unlocking as I go along rather than  picking and choosing which one to unlock.

How do you go about unlocking achievements/trophies? Do you just randomly play unlocking them as you go?

My Top Ten list of graphically Impressive Games

1. Ryse Son Of Rome- This game looks amazing.


2. Infamous Second Son- This game set the bar for all next generation games to follow.



3.Tomb Raider  The Definitive Edition- This game looked good originally but the next generation paint only made things better.

download (3)


4.Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeros – This game was a teaser for whats to come.

download (1)


5. Sunset Over Drive- Is one of the most colorful games to date.

download (4)

6.Super Mario 3d World- Ok, you maybe wondering why this is on the list? Well this game looks amazing.

download (2)


7. Grand Theft Auto 5- This game took the cake for detail and design.



8. P.T. Demo-This demo had the best graphics I have ever seen.

download (5)


9. NBA2k15- The graphics are realistic what more can I say?

download (6)


10. Destiny- This game has great graphics with fantastic art design.

images (1)


Well there you have it, My top ten list of the best looking games. What are your thoughts? Should there have been more games on the list? Do you have a favorite game the looks stunning? As always be sure to like, follow and comment.


Milking the Cow,Micro-transactions the death of Gaming?

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Chances are if you in your 20’s you know of a time where games used to ship complete. When you heard a game went gold you knew you had the beginning, middle and end of a story all intact.

If there were any extra characters you usually had to beat the game on various difficulties to unlock them.

I’m not even sure if DLC was a word back then, come to think of it I think it was a curse word. A places of forbidden territory.  If a game required extra content, extra game discs were including at no extra cost.

All this has changed. In a world of what you see if not what you get you have to be careful in which product you choose to invest your time in.

Today games come out unfinished, half storied, with the other half as DLC.  Then the cow went a mooing, cows started showing up in games like COD, Battlefield to name a few.  No literal cows but you get my point.  It’s like the famer’s said, “Lets milk these cows and the cows said moooooooo”.  Squeezing out every possible reason for a transaction.

For example, A wolf skin covering a dog….. Really? How about chapters to a game that should have already been included in the first place but using the excuse that it wouldn’t fit in the game?

I think this will be a trend that will be happening more and more in the future as gaming continues. If you are not a fan of this practice be sure to stay away from games that have it. I mean you can ignore the option all together by not buying any extra content outside of the original purchase of the game itself.

I don’t think that this will end gaming but I feel it will however, make it a common practice to see such options made available.

I guess this can be a positive as well. What are your thoughts? Do you support micro-transactions? Do you think they will be the end of gaming? Will we see it more often?

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Did Internet Ruin The Party?


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There used to be a time where gaming was difficult. Strategy guides were a given amongst the most avid gamer’s. If you didn’t want to spend the money on buying one you would borrow a friends or even go to the store and read it desperately trying to get past the part your stuck on.

Shhhh….. Just make sure you didn’t tell anyone that you were reading the magazine and not planning on buying it.

The Internet brought so much to gaming. It all started with cheats.  Cheat your way through the game why don’t you. Then came video game tutorials which totally put the print guides into an early grave. No longer would you have to read, all you had to do was watch.

With this change however, comes spoilers. Games today are often ruined before one even gets the chance to play it. If you are a member of any of the social networks you will see people talk about games often revealing there ending

Do you think the Internet has ruined the gaming party? What are your thoughts? Be sure to follow, share and comment.

My top 5 list of Video game characters with the biggest Head!

So I know that this one is going to be pretty funny and that’s why I wanted to do it. I don’t think you will find a list anywhere mentioning such things.

Sit back and enjoy the popcorn, the invisible popcorn that is, as I list the biggest headed characters to ever come into extence.


1. Donkey Kong -Up first is our fury friend that has been around for a while, since before I was born come to the think of it. None other than Donkey Kong, yes his head is really big, bigger than big itself.

download (9)


2.  Up next is Mario- You can see his head from miles away. A balloon has nothing on him.  A common misconception is that he would use his head to break bricks when in actuality he uses his fists.

download (10)



3. Kirby- That little pink circle thing head is huge. In fact his entire body is his head. He looks like a walking whoopie cushion.

download (11)


4. Next would be the goombas. Sure they are iconic in every way in their mission to stop Mario and his friends but they have the biggest head ever. It’s a wonder that they can even wear a cat suit in Super Mario 3d World!

download (13)

5. So who would make it to the end of the list you ask? Well….. There is a tie!

It’s a tie between two iconic video game celebrities. One who has been on vacation since the 90’s and early 2000’s and the other who has an upcoming game.


Crash Bandicoot and Sack Boy*

download (12)images (1)

*Sackboy looks really mad be careful he is watching you!*

These two contain some of the biggest heads ever created. Crash’s teeth continue to be the most recognizable feature about him throughout the years. If you were ever lost in the dark, all you would have to do is look for his teeth to guide you home. Then there is the infamous Sack Boy whose head contains enough thread to make a pillow!

Well there you have it! My list of the top 5 video game characters who have the biggest head.

Who would you put on this list? Who is missing that you think that I should have added to his list?  Be sure to comment, follow and share! Thanks!


And The Beat Goes On- My top 7 games I adore because of their music.

Believe it or not one of the most important aspects of a game is its music. The music sets the tone, atmosphere and pace of the game. Music helps us believe the story being told.


1. Up first is Grand Theft Auto Vice City- This game featured music from the 70’s and 80’s and offered a vibe like none other. I remember causing mayhem while listening to songs like “Video Killed the Radio star”.




2. Tekken 3- The next game that I loved in particular for its music, maybe I shouldn’t say just one game. I like the entire franchise of Tekken. I have mentioned this game other times on this blog, but the music in this game was very progressive and urban to say the least. Tekken 3’s music remains one of my favorites to this day.

download (1)


3. Streets of Rage 2, 3 – My list would not be complete without this game. Streets of Rage 2 in particular, has the jazziest night club music you will ever hear. Head bopping and foot stumping and the occasional shuffle all make their appearances when I am playing this game.

download (2)    download (8)


4. Tomb Raider- (Reboot) – This goes without saying. Not only were the graphics redone for this game but the music was as well. The music provided an awareness not seen in previous games. The sound of the strings and dramatic theatrics of the voice acting really made me feel a sense of urgency.

download (4)



5. Soul Caliber – This game was also another favorite of mines. The music was grand and regal ensuring that your soul will still burn during battles.




6. Super Mario Brothers- The music in these games are iconic and never changes. Sure after hearing some of the music I get annoyed but there is no replacement for Mario.

download (5)


7.  Sonic-2, 3 – I know there might be a theme here, 90’s games for the win huh? These two games had that funky element to them. Sonic somehow knew that it was the music that kept me playing as him. Levels like the Chemical Plant remain in my head to this day.

download (7) download (6)

Gaming and Religion

Sometimes I wonder if games the games that we play will send us half way to hell! Yes hell is real.

download (5) images (1)download (6) download (7)

Kill this, Stomp him, and Finish her, all these things make me think about how religion has apart if any, in the games that we play.

As a Christian, I look the Bible in which says not to kill but as a gamer in the games that I play killing is not an option, it’s a requirement.

I have encountered people who were changed mentally by their personal beliefs and religion to the point where the games that they played, they could no longer play. For example, Gears of War was suddenly too violent, Injustice Gods among Us, had the name of God speaking to many God, not just one.

The games began to conflict with their personal relationships as well. I think that gaming is a great hobby to have and should not be taken seriously as you are not committing the crimes and or actions on your own in real life.

Virtual gaming is just that, virtual. I don’t think that gaming should affect ones religion.  Where religion would affect our gaming is if you begin to imitate the actions that your characters are doing on screen in real life.

I believe there are consequences to our actions and the road that you take in life can lead you to your destination, the one that you choose, Heaven or Hell.

This is why I don’t think gaming should influence our behavior though, in my research I found that it does influence some.  I belief that with a balance of religion or some type of belief, one will stay clear from the influence of the characters on screen.  Not only religion but some type of moral and or standard will also stop one from engaging in negative behavior.


What are your thoughts on religion and gaming? Should the two go together? Be sure to follow, comment and share.

What I want to see @ E3 2014

My list of what I want to see at E3 2014!

download (1)

1. We have been hearing rumors about The Last Guardian for years. It would be great if Sony would show some game play of the game running on the PS4.



2.  With Microsoft making progressive moves to level the playing ground between the Xbox One and PS4, I hope that their games will set them apart.  Show us the games that will make us proud, sure we can expect Halo 5 mention along with other things but what else is there?



3. No hype, just games. A ton of games have been delayed this year, including the next gen only batman, The Order and a host of others.


download (4)

4. I am expecting some mention of the next iteration of Mortal Kombat! Hopefully, this game will be next gen only. Ed Boon has been teasing some type of game on his twitter account, here’s hoping that it will be MK10.


download (3)

5. I want Sony to show game play for triple a games that will take advantage of the power of the PS4. Indie games are cool and fun but they don’t last long in my opinion.

download (2)

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see at E32014? Are you hyped?  Be sure to follow, comment and share.

No More Life’s


It’s been a little while, but I’m back!

Just how precious is the life of a video game character you’re playing as?

Very precious. Life’s come few and plenty.  Even when you have collect all the rings, coins and spheres lives are hard to come by.  This makes me wonder, how long do you play a game? Do you play up until the point when you get stuck? Or do you play the game and take a break?


I’ve spoken often about the challenges I have had while playing Super Mario 3D Land, in which Mario would fall into the background to his immediate end. He would also lose his footing at the end of a jump sending him to hell down below.  This didn’t occur only once, but this happen continually, to the point where I assumed that Mario no longer wanted to cooperate for the sake of saving the Princess.  The moving stage was also something that made

Ok, so I shouldn’t say that he didn’t want to cooperate because it was all my doing however, he did die more than a few times. The cloud suit couldn’t even save him from wanting to fall off the cliff.  This made me question if I was going to continue to play the game or trade it in.

In this situation death did us part!  Have you given up on a difficult game after repeated deaths of a character?

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