Does it Really Matter?


It’s been a little while since I wrote anything.  I had this question in my head for a long time as it relates to video games and or other media such as Blue Rays and Dvds.

Does the cover art really matter? Is there something significant in looking at cover art?

Should gaming companies pay attention to the art that covers the box of our favorite games?

I think this question differs depending on the person. We all look forward to taking the plastic off of our games and media but the level of importance as it relates to the cover art varies.

There are special editions of media that obtain more content or different art which I can understand, in this instance cover art is important.   On the other hand, its not like you can take the art off of the cover and play that.

I guess looking at the cover is a indication of what you can expect during gameplay? Do you agree with this statement?

This was a short post but I just wanted to ask that simple question.

What are your thoughts on this? Is cover art something to get excited about?

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Milking the Cow,Micro-transactions the death of Gaming?

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Chances are if you in your 20’s you know of a time where games used to ship complete. When you heard a game went gold you knew you had the beginning, middle and end of a story all intact.

If there were any extra characters you usually had to beat the game on various difficulties to unlock them.

I’m not even sure if DLC was a word back then, come to think of it I think it was a curse word. A places of forbidden territory.  If a game required extra content, extra game discs were including at no extra cost.

All this has changed. In a world of what you see if not what you get you have to be careful in which product you choose to invest your time in.

Today games come out unfinished, half storied, with the other half as DLC.  Then the cow went a mooing, cows started showing up in games like COD, Battlefield to name a few.  No literal cows but you get my point.  It’s like the famer’s said, “Lets milk these cows and the cows said moooooooo”.  Squeezing out every possible reason for a transaction.

For example, A wolf skin covering a dog….. Really? How about chapters to a game that should have already been included in the first place but using the excuse that it wouldn’t fit in the game?

I think this will be a trend that will be happening more and more in the future as gaming continues. If you are not a fan of this practice be sure to stay away from games that have it. I mean you can ignore the option all together by not buying any extra content outside of the original purchase of the game itself.

I don’t think that this will end gaming but I feel it will however, make it a common practice to see such options made available.

I guess this can be a positive as well. What are your thoughts? Do you support micro-transactions? Do you think they will be the end of gaming? Will we see it more often?

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More than a Feeling………


Just how important are your feelings before, during and after gaming?

So we know that there are a number of feelings associated with this hobby.

Feelings of rage, anger sadness and bitterness. Sure we all have our own reasoning to why we feel such a way but is there any direct link to what the story?

As I have mentioned in this blog, my belief is that the adventure is all in the details. The story, game play and character all make a game what it is.

To that end, your feelings have some say as well. I’m not speaking on if you think that a game is terrible or not but the feelings that you experience in general.

Do you think your feelings have an impact in your gaming beyond if a game is good or not?

You can have a good game in front of you but you can then be dissatisfied emotionally which could affect your experience.

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Video Games, Life and Theories

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Should video games only be played by those who are responsible?

What do you mean by responsible you ask? I mean those who are able to make the choice between right or wrong and accept responsibility for their actions.

This post is going to be pretty deep. I have had the chance to write on various topics as it relates to video games and there have been a few theories that I have ran across.

*Let me make a disclaimer, I am not trying to be politically correct, I am just stating my opinion and talking about theories that exist. My use of these theories just taps the surface as it relates to people. If your are interested in them please do study further!*

One theory is rooted in Criminology and the other psychological.  Two philosophers come to mind, Bandura and Akers.

First Albert Bandura, with the Social Cognitive Theory, which suggests that learning occurs from society and it’s actions and what is learned through observation. We are also influenced by those who we can relate to.  There is also indirect learning which is not always applied to our behavior. The product of who we are is the product of interaction of interaction between cognitive, behavioral and contextual factors.  We as people are influenced in ways that we aren’t even aware of.

Next, The Social Learning Theory as it relates to crime, by Ronald Akers states, The chances of a person engaging in criminal and deviant behavior is increased and the chances of their conforming to this norm is decreased when they differently associate with others who commit criminal behavior are more exposed in person to criminal/ deviant examples and expect greater reward than punishment for their behavior.


So what does this all mean? What does this have to do with video games?

Well, let’s start with the first theory, though both are similar they differ a bit. Social cognitive theory, speaks to learning through observation and being influenced by those who you can relate to. In terms of gaming, this can mean one playing a game and immediately begin to be influenced by the character on the screen. For example, someone is playing Grand Theft Auto they would go around in real life killing (an extreme example) though relevant.  They are influenced by the character and or the environment in the virtual world. This also speaks to the environment and surroundings as well in real life.

The next theory Social Learning theory speaks to the criminal side of things. Perhaps one direct environment. You are a product of your environment and as such are influenced by it. If one is in a high crime environment they can be influenced by this and the chances are high that they will participate and the decision is based on the pros and cons and punishment of a particular crime.


How does this relate to gaming? Gaming is a fun hobby to be a part of and sometimes it is blamed or comes up in the most violent crimes. Mass murders occur and it is said that the killer was an avid video game player. Most of the time these people might have mental disorders which all affect reactions and influence and their ability to separate the real from the fake.

This brings me back to my question, should responsible people only be able to play video games? Should people who know how to separate real from fake only be allowed to play?

Is there a method to find out if someone will not copy the actions of a particular video game?

Ok, I’ll answer this. I think by looking at past history as it relates to responses to situations should be the deciding factor. I think that video games are fun and those who play them should have fun but not be influenced by them.  Video games should be played by those who are responsible.

What are your thoughts about video gaming should it only be played by those who are responsible? Do you agree with the theories as it relates to human behavior? How do you feel about video games getting a bad rap in cases of extreme crimes?

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Top 5 list of video game characters with Potty Mouths.

Video game characters have as much freedom as we Americans have with the bill of rights. It’s no wonder why some of them curse like sailors tossed to and fro at sea.

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Here is my list of characters with potty mouths.

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1. Marcus Fenix- From the Gears of War series. If he had a middle name it would be swearing as it is what he is good at.  I guess swearing helps me stay sane while killing all the locusts.


2. Duke Nukem- Perhaps one of the most well-known people on the list. This comes as no surprise. He gets the awarded as the granddaddy of swearing. He indeed has a potty mouth on (2)


3. Saints Row Series- For this game your character varied but, their mouth did not. Whoever you chose to play as had a mouth full of trash to dispose of continually throughout the game.

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4. CJ- He is no stranger to any of us. He is one of the most popular characters of the entire series and has a colorful way of expressing himself making him most memorable.

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5.  Conker- No list would be complete without including that little cute squirrel. Mess with him and he will curse you half way to hell.

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Well there’s my list. It could have been longer but I didn’t want to drag it out.

What do you think? Would you add any others? I think potty mouth characters make the game that they are in. They bring a type of realness that can’t be found elsewhere.

A Game Changer

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The power that we have in the gaming community is second to none.

For the longest time I wanted to talk about the fiasco that was the Mass Effect 3 ending.

I know that seems like generations ago now but the outrage and unity that was displayed caused a changed not only resulting in a different game ending but a new realm of possibilities.

I’m not going to get into the whole was it necessary argument, but I will say this that I didn’t beat the game.

Well I know you’re wondering why……….Ok well… here goes… I lost interest, though this game was fun it could not hold my attention.


Not only did this game cause controversy because of its ending but it also made headlines for allowing same sex couples and also for its sex scenes. I’ll start off by saying that I never progressed the relationship between my character and the others to see anything.


In current days, there is a big debate about gays in gaming and if the gaming community is ready for it. Gaming companies are even bragging about their games featuring gay characters and how they reflect that community.

I think it is a sign of the times that we are living in. I feel that these characters should be an option for those who would like to play as that character but they should not be forced on others.

Mass Effect 3 has set the standard for other games to follow as it is a somewhat an extension of real life relationship.

What are your thoughts about Mass Effect 3? What are your thoughts about the hot button topic that is being discussed these days such as gay characters in gaming?

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The Best Game at E3



Better late than never, I just wanted to talk about my favorite game at E3. For the most part I have to say that I was impressed with Mortal Kombat X. I am a fan of the fighting genre so any game that might be a part of it sparks my attention.

Mortal Kombat X is one of the most graphic fighting games to debut so far. It’s even more graphic than the other games in the series. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the fatality trailer that I have post here. After multiple times of watching I was not sure I could get through the entire video.

Sure there were other games that made their debut at this year E3 but Mortal Kombat X left me wanting more. I couldn’t help but to also notice that the game played a bit similar to Injustice.  Since the same studio made that game I am sure some aspects would be carried over.


If you had the chance to read my E3 wishes, I mentioned that I would like to see the next Mortal Kombat game and my wish did come true.

A bit of controversy surrounded the character Cassie Cage, as it was said that her character model looked similar to the characters from Deadly Alliance. It was also said that she had a long neck and looked kind of like a man.

I think all the characters could use a bit more polish but that will come in time.

Whelp there goes my thoughts on the best game at E3.

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