Emotional Maturity vs Immaturity

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Hi all! I wanted to explore maturity and video games. Keep in mind, these are just my thoughts and feelings on the matter. You are welcome to disagree! With that said get to reading!

So do we grow up with age or do we just get older? Its hard to imagine emotional maturity having  anything to do with video games but it does. How you may ask? If one is not mature emotionally, it affects ones  ability to play and their choices as it relates to choosing a particular video game.  Immature gamers see through the lens of immaturity. For example, the comment is always being made that Nintendo is for kids when in actuality Nintendo has broaden their audience and has changed their message to appeal to the masses.

Do games grow up with us or do we grow up with games ? Timeless treasures such as Zelda and Mario have stood the test of time. But they have been accused of not growing up. Its the same formula iteration after iteration. But that’s what works.  Zelda Breath of the Wild is one of the most beautiful satisfying games ever created. An immature mind would only see how kiddy Nintendo is.

How important is emotional maturity when it comes to gaming? Does it matter if one is immature? As always be sure to follow, like and comment.



My Thoughts on Little Big Planet 3


Little Big Planet 3 is one of those games that you never get tired of, Each time you turn the game on there is something new.

Like the others before it, Little big planet 3 features the same great gameplay, There are new characters which allow you to do more than run.

Sacboy now knows how to climb.

With the power of the ps4 theres no telling what one can create.

Multiplayer is fun as well. Don’t wanna play the level by yourself? Jump in with someone for some fun.

If you like creating things and like platformers you have to try this game.

NBA 2k15 A Reskin?

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NBA 2k15 is out now and is experiencing bugs and server issues. Deep down under the new number and fresh paint could there still be the same game?

NBA 2k14 was plagued with server issues and the ever infamous jersey gitch but has there been enough improvements?

The answer yes. They are probably experiencing large traffic which is why the servers are having connection issues.

I know it seems cool for one to think that they are playing the same game but its no true. There are more features in this game starting with the players themselves.  There is more faces to be used when making your person for starters,

For those who have this game and are experiencing issues give it time. You will be ball’in down the court in no time.

Top 5 list of video game characters with Potty Mouths.

Video game characters have as much freedom as we Americans have with the bill of rights. It’s no wonder why some of them curse like sailors tossed to and fro at sea.

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Here is my list of characters with potty mouths.

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1. Marcus Fenix- From the Gears of War series. If he had a middle name it would be swearing as it is what he is good at.  I guess swearing helps me stay sane while killing all the locusts.


2. Duke Nukem- Perhaps one of the most well-known people on the list. This comes as no surprise. He gets the awarded as the granddaddy of swearing. He indeed has a potty mouth on him.download (2)


3. Saints Row Series- For this game your character varied but, their mouth did not. Whoever you chose to play as had a mouth full of trash to dispose of continually throughout the game.

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4. CJ- He is no stranger to any of us. He is one of the most popular characters of the entire series and has a colorful way of expressing himself making him most memorable.

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5.  Conker- No list would be complete without including that little cute squirrel. Mess with him and he will curse you half way to hell.

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Well there’s my list. It could have been longer but I didn’t want to drag it out.

What do you think? Would you add any others? I think potty mouth characters make the game that they are in. They bring a type of realness that can’t be found elsewhere.

And The Beat Goes On- My top 7 games I adore because of their music.

Believe it or not one of the most important aspects of a game is its music. The music sets the tone, atmosphere and pace of the game. Music helps us believe the story being told.


1. Up first is Grand Theft Auto Vice City- This game featured music from the 70’s and 80’s and offered a vibe like none other. I remember causing mayhem while listening to songs like “Video Killed the Radio star”.




2. Tekken 3- The next game that I loved in particular for its music, maybe I shouldn’t say just one game. I like the entire franchise of Tekken. I have mentioned this game other times on this blog, but the music in this game was very progressive and urban to say the least. Tekken 3’s music remains one of my favorites to this day.

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3. Streets of Rage 2, 3 – My list would not be complete without this game. Streets of Rage 2 in particular, has the jazziest night club music you will ever hear. Head bopping and foot stumping and the occasional shuffle all make their appearances when I am playing this game.

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4. Tomb Raider- (Reboot) – This goes without saying. Not only were the graphics redone for this game but the music was as well. The music provided an awareness not seen in previous games. The sound of the strings and dramatic theatrics of the voice acting really made me feel a sense of urgency.

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5. Soul Caliber – This game was also another favorite of mines. The music was grand and regal ensuring that your soul will still burn during battles.




6. Super Mario Brothers- The music in these games are iconic and never changes. Sure after hearing some of the music I get annoyed but there is no replacement for Mario.

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7.  Sonic-2, 3 – I know there might be a theme here, 90’s games for the win huh? These two games had that funky element to them. Sonic somehow knew that it was the music that kept me playing as him. Levels like the Chemical Plant remain in my head to this day.

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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of EnglishgamerUninhibited!!!!!!!


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I know it’s been a while since I wrote anything but that is about to change.

This month marks the one year anniversary of this blog!

Last year this time I was just trying to establish a place that was different from all the other blogs. I had so many ideas in my head as it relates to life, gaming and literature that I had to get them out.

I never would have thought that this blog would have lasted this long and I am truly grateful.

I felt it was important to discuss various topics about gaming and literature.

As of late my posts have learned more towards video games however, I will eventually start talking about literature again. It’s amazing how so much could come from one idea.

The embrace that I felt from the blogging community was indescribable as I was welcomed with open arms.

This is a short post, what are your favorite topics of the past year on this blog? Why did you follow this blog? Would you recommend it to others? Be sure to share and comment and follow as always thanks!

Gaming and Religion

Sometimes I wonder if games the games that we play will send us half way to hell! Yes hell is real.

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Kill this, Stomp him, and Finish her, all these things make me think about how religion has apart if any, in the games that we play.

As a Christian, I look the Bible in which says not to kill but as a gamer in the games that I play killing is not an option, it’s a requirement.

I have encountered people who were changed mentally by their personal beliefs and religion to the point where the games that they played, they could no longer play. For example, Gears of War was suddenly too violent, Injustice Gods among Us, had the name of God speaking to many God, not just one.

The games began to conflict with their personal relationships as well. I think that gaming is a great hobby to have and should not be taken seriously as you are not committing the crimes and or actions on your own in real life.

Virtual gaming is just that, virtual. I don’t think that gaming should affect ones religion.  Where religion would affect our gaming is if you begin to imitate the actions that your characters are doing on screen in real life.

I believe there are consequences to our actions and the road that you take in life can lead you to your destination, the one that you choose, Heaven or Hell.

This is why I don’t think gaming should influence our behavior though, in my research I found that it does influence some.  I belief that with a balance of religion or some type of belief, one will stay clear from the influence of the characters on screen.  Not only religion but some type of moral and or standard will also stop one from engaging in negative behavior.


What are your thoughts on religion and gaming? Should the two go together? Be sure to follow, comment and share.