What does Google’s purchase of Twitch mean for Gamer’s?


With the recent confirmation of the rumor of Google purchasing Twitch, My eye ball twitched as well. I could not believe my eyes. 

The company Google has made changes to YouTube in the past which have were not asked for nor appreciated. Making changes requiring users and viewers to make a profile separate from their YouTube name. In most cases this profile would use their real name.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the comment section, leaving comments requires that you deselect that you want to share the comment with the public beyond the place where you intend it to go.

As tor Twitch, now on Xbox One, now a God send, allows gamer’s to broadcast their gameplay. 

With the recent purchase, how would this change anything? Would this change for the better or for the worse? 

Will there be changes that we don’t want to see implemented? I hope not. Here’s hoping that the service stays the same! 

Do you think Google buying Twitch was a good thing? I’d like to hear from you!  


Gaming a spectator sport?

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It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything, but I wanted to explore the topic of watching people play games instead of actually playing them.

Do you like playing video games? How about logging on to YouTube.com to watch a play though before you by a game? YouTube certainly comes in handy if you need help getting past a part.

What about watching someone play their game live?  With the launch of the next generation systems, you now have the ability to stream live gameplay. For now this is only on the ps4, but will soon come to the Xbox one.

Both systems allow you to record clips of your game for upload and share amongst your friends and Facebook which is a cool feature to have.

I can’t help but feel that gaming has become a spectator sport. People spend hours and hours watching others players, rather than playing on their own.

Is this the new norm? Or do you think it’s a trend of a few?  Do you use apps like Twitch? Share you thoughts!