What is it really about? Matters of the heart……….

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The jealousy and envy of some people is indescribable as they do everything in their power to try to stop you. 

In a prior conversation, I was having with someone I discovered that all these things, hate, sin and foul language are all coming from the heart. 

The heart is the place where all good and negative things flow.

I’ve never been one to dish out negativity because I don’t want to receive it in return.  

The heart is at the center of the chest and is responsible for blood flow throughout the body.  If one attacks the heart, they have the totality of that person.

I said that to say this, the heart is more than a muscle. You must never allow negativity to exist in your heart. It would be like a cancer eating away at you. When you open your mouth all that will come out will be foul.

I don’t understand what would cause one person to hate on another. But I can tell you it’s a matter of the heart. People say follow your heart and your instincts but what if your heart is full of poison and your instincts are off track?

Once the heart is in order one can then follow their instincts because they will be pure.

What in the world does this have to do with gaming? Everything…

If your heart is full of negativity you will be sore loser and will spit out hate at every turn. I have run into these people while playing online.  You just ignore them or block them, but it is truly a matter of the heart.

What’s your thoughts on matters of the heart? Do you agree  that it has something to do with gaming?

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My Quest To Be Unique

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When I started this blog I initially knew how I wanted it to become.  I wanted to be able to release content daily, but often struggled in coming up with things to write about. I quickly found out what worked for me.  It is important to me to not be similar to the blogs around me in terms of my approach.

I am thankful that I have been accepted and welcomed among the elite bloggers here on WordPress. Most of them are my friends who I look up to. However, I quickly found that it was popular to be negative. For some reason one could write about negativity without regards to anything and still manage to get views.  You will never find that here, unless I am in rant mode which will be a rare occurrence.

Having said that I hope that each and every person who reads this blog and my followers are pleased with the content that I have written about.  I really had no idea that I would be writing this long.

I hope you’re enjoying the ride as I am on my quest to be unique.  Thank you.

An Undeniable Truth


This post will go beyond the surface of our reality to expose the truth.

I know your thinking he is going off the deep end. All I’m saying is I will go deeper exploring topics . Hopefully, this is something your not used to.

Some might say im outta my league, however, I will always be able to relate it back to what my blog is originally about litetature and gaming .

The truth is we are in the last and evil days and the world that your grandmother told you about no longer exists. The world that had the golden rule, treat people how you want to be treated. That rule still exists but some people aren’t following it.

Let me explain:

When people are getting hurt over a video game console something is wrong.

When you can’t like a game company name that starts with a N and ends with O (Nintendo) without being teased something is wrong .

When you have all these commercials feeding you and telling you whats popular currently and to buy it now without allowing you to think that some of those very items will be old the next month or following year, something is wrong.

The truth is, some rules have changed, up bringings are different, morals are different, all these things make a difference in the world we see today.

How does this relate to literature?

Elements of our everyday life, fact or fiction, are trapped within those pages. What our world is becoming is trapped in those pages. Some of those stories about heroism, defeat and triumph speak volumes about a portion of our lifes.

It’s not all doom and gloom as books and video games can take us to unknown lands. I just thought it was important you knew the undeniable truth before you start your journey.

This post was deep and may not gel well but those are my thoughts on a few things. Be sure to share your thoughts on this.