Gaming and Religion

Sometimes I wonder if games the games that we play will send us half way to hell! Yes hell is real.

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Kill this, Stomp him, and Finish her, all these things make me think about how religion has apart if any, in the games that we play.

As a Christian, I look the Bible in which says not to kill but as a gamer in the games that I play killing is not an option, it’s a requirement.

I have encountered people who were changed mentally by their personal beliefs and religion to the point where the games that they played, they could no longer play. For example, Gears of War was suddenly too violent, Injustice Gods among Us, had the name of God speaking to many God, not just one.

The games began to conflict with their personal relationships as well. I think that gaming is a great hobby to have and should not be taken seriously as you are not committing the crimes and or actions on your own in real life.

Virtual gaming is just that, virtual. I don’t think that gaming should affect ones religion.  Where religion would affect our gaming is if you begin to imitate the actions that your characters are doing on screen in real life.

I believe there are consequences to our actions and the road that you take in life can lead you to your destination, the one that you choose, Heaven or Hell.

This is why I don’t think gaming should influence our behavior though, in my research I found that it does influence some.  I belief that with a balance of religion or some type of belief, one will stay clear from the influence of the characters on screen.  Not only religion but some type of moral and or standard will also stop one from engaging in negative behavior.


What are your thoughts on religion and gaming? Should the two go together? Be sure to follow, comment and share.


The Real Meaning of Christmas!!!!!!



    With the Holidays so near, and with my access to a platform to share my thoughts It wouldn’t be right for me to not make a post about the true meaning of Christmas. 

When this part of the year comes, stores begin to run over with people, roads become crowded and people become focused on what they can give to out shine another.  Has any thought gone into the real meaning of Christmas? 

Sure you have read the Bible where it says that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph and how there was no room in the end. The three wise men brought gifts as well.  However, there is more to it than that.  Taking a deeper look you will see that these gifts that we go into debt for or buy to improve our image in the eyes of people aren’t really what it is about.

Christmas is about the ultimate gift being sent to earth from God. God sent his son Jesus and he is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Though we share in our remembrance by giving gifts they are temporary while the ultimate gift to us is eternal.

In all your celebrations and time with family never forget about the true meaning of Christmas! Always keep Christ in Christmas because there wouldn’t be a Christmas without him.  If you know the real meaning pass it along.