At The Tree Top – Poem

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Here is another Christmas poem by me titled:

At The Tree Top.

Guess Who I am? I am at the top I see it all,

happy faces on Christmas morning,

shredded wrapping paper

and cardboard packages scattered around the room.

With pride and dignity I shine

joined by others in their own community down below

Gleaming bright, I make the light and keep my balance 

I’m admired near and far, I complete the package, at the tree top

When Christmas comes I’m just as excited  as family members are all reunited, as I watch at the tree top.

When Christmas goes I am the last one you see, as I am taken from the tree top

Never fear I’ll be back next year here at the tree top.

I hope you enjoyed this poem. I would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I hope that day brings you lots of joy and peace. You may not get what you want, but if you live to see Christmas day, you have what you need,  and that is your life!!! Seasons Greetings and Blessings to all!



Until Christmas Comes….. A Poem

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Until Christmas Comes…………….

This is a small poem I wanted to write inspired by Christmas.

I will be waiting, until Christmas comes. 

With the candles lit, and the stockings stuffed

Underneath the mistletoe ill be (7)

My heat is yours until Christmas comes. 

The snows coming down with the fire bright 

I will be waiting until Christmas comes.

By: Deon Lofton

My favorite poet “Emily Dickinson”

Ever since I heard about Emily Dickinson,  I became fascinated by her work. The few poems that I had to the chance to read had to do with religion and or death.  I feel that she was ready for the after life, whatever that may have been to her.  She was born in 1830 and is the author of such books as Wild Nights: Selected Poetry and Final Harvest.

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The reason why I like her work is because  she seemed to be spiritually aware and ahead of her time .

If you have never heard of  her work check her out.  She is one of my favorites.

This is a poem of hers below:

“Hope” is the thing with feathers – By: Emily Dickinson

That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –
I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.
Do you have any favorite poets? What are thoughts about their work?

Music is art… Lyrics Are Literature, Get lost In The Flow. “I Know The Future” (Music by Calvin Stevenson aka Calerbah)


This post is also different in that I invite you the reader to experience literature in verbal form.

Clicking on the link indicated below will allow you to witness literature at its finest with a beat. The words expressed in this art form are both prolific and poetic. The artist isn’t shy in his use of colorful language and as such you have been warned!

Calerbah expresses himself through music effortlessly. If you are a hip hop fan or just would like to hear the flow of literature check him out.

The artists name is “Calerbah” also known as Calvin Stevenson.   The song can be found here

Calerbah’s music can be found here.

A little Poetry from a friend – (by: James Jackson) titled – “I”

In this post I wanted to be different and explore a little  poetry . This poem is by a friend of mines, James Jackson, who is the author of “If I told You: My Inspired Poems”. This poetry collection tackles topics such as Romance, War,  and  Pain. James’s ability to remain consistent line by line is incredible.

This particular poem is something we can all relate to. The power of “I” speaks to the strength we all have inside of us that makes us unique through the encouragement and guidance of others/ family members.

If you are a English fanatic and love to read poetry and or if your looking for something new to read check this author out. Like what you see? Go purchase his book.   It can be purchased in book form for just $8.10 or digital form for $5 at


Here is a poem of his titled:


I was a child when it happened
My life wasn’t mine, no use adapting
The streets were never my own
No place to call home
Always someone there trying to take my throne
They tried to hit me, take me, like Watergate
All around me did nothing but hate
Because I could articulate
All because of a mother I had
Who taught me right; didn’t let me go bad
Like all the other’s in the world
Chasing after the girls
No education under their belt
They think they’re going somewhere
Fast Money
A word they can never tower
It is a shame it had to be this way
But I need you to read and hear what I say
I am on the throne
I am no king; just got the best bone
Cause I got:
To help heal and release our nation
That’s all it takes is one
One, who is, I. *

*The above poem belongs to James Jackson, I used it with permission.

What do you think of the poem? Could you relate to what the author is talking about? Do share below.

Poem- Love…. never loved anybody, part 2 (Man’s Side)

As promised here is part two to the poem Love… never loved anybody, the (Man’s side ) response to part 1 . Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Poem-Love….never loved anybody -( A Man’s side) (Part 2).

Your over reacting….

Their is nothing on this earth that will ever replace you ….

My Love…. never loved anybody… but you.imagesA518Z1PM

Lara Croft got that body but she don’t got my soul

Love… never loved anybody

I’m a gamer, it’s my passion not a shallow thrill

You got your gossip and your girl’s which you love for real.

I got my madden, Call of Duty  and my PlayStation 4,

But most of all, I got my girl who I love with my soul.

My love has always loved you!imagesRR4VLAI8

Poem- Love.. never loved anybody Part 1 (A Women’s side)

roseThis is a different type of post I wanted to explore the topic of love as it relates to the gamer and romantics. This  is a set of  poems detailing how gaming could effect ones relationship with their significant other. It is a reminder of how important love, family and time really is. I hope you enjoy. Please do let me know if you like this. Look out for part 2 Love … never loved anybody (Man’s side).

Poem-Love.. never loved anybody

Love .. never loved anybody 

Sitting here thinking about what could have been,

We was doing fine until that  piece of plastic arrived.

I swear big tit Lara , what’s her name? Croft? is ruining my life , these thighs weren’t ment to conform .

That plastic has taken over the table where our  exotic apple spice  candle once stood.

Love… never loved anybody……..

You spend hours playing that plastic and none with me. I wish I was a shredder I’d shred it to pieces. 

All in the name of the game you say?,  wow you must be getting great pay with all those hours you put in.

Love … never loved anybody………

My love loved you, why can’t yours love me?

How many solider’s must you kill on Call of Duty before you realize the one in front of you is already down?

But it’s your Call to Duty that takes you away from me.

You don’t love me, your love never loved anybody…….

Alright, so that was part one of my poem and the next part will be the man’s response to his wife and or girlfriend.  Gaming is a fun past time that could include family and should be done in moderation. Gaming  or any other hobby should never get in the way of love, family and relationship.  If you find yourself in this situation, it is time to examine your gaming habits and their affects on those around you. Part two coming soon. Thanks.