The Beauty Behind the Veil

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“She’s beautiful just look at her,” every man says on his wedding day after he lifts the veil. The beauty and sheer delight that he beholds from his wife will be a moment he will never forget.

Of course one would automatically assume that I would be writing about a marriage for this post.

Instead I wanted to talk about looking past the veil in any situation. For example, you may see a woman who you’re not fond of because she doesn’t look like Tyra Banks, or you may see a man that you’re not too fond of because he doesn’t look like Russell Crowe, this does not mean you should not engage with this person.

They may like you, and you may be missing out on knowing a good person by not going behind the veil.

I want to relate to this games as well. When games come out these days they are judged according to how they look instead of what they have to offer in terms of contents. Having said that, I think it’s imperative that one look past how a game looks and see what content it has.


The beauty behind the veil is only seen if one takes the opportunity to see it.

In terms of video games are concerned, Sony says that their console has the highest specs in regards to making better graphics. This is true, but the importance of graphics should not overshadow the games that one are to play.

What about the game play? What about the controls? What about the AI?

What about the person you don’t want to know because of what they look like? Could they be a celebrity one day? Will they be a successful business person? Don’t pass on the opportunity to go beyond the veil.


What are your thoughts on people who judge by looks alone? What are your thoughts about Video Game Company’s using graphics as a selling point?


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A 29 Years Old Perspecitve- A Birthday Commemoration (For Myself)



A 29 Years Old Perspective- A Birthday Commemoration 2014.


So today I was blessed to see another year. I know that this blog has been established as a place to discuss video games and literature but I also wanted to take the time and reflect on my years.


It was an ultimate blessing to wake up this morning and empress the next part of my life. Right about now you’re wondering why I should care.


Who are you and why do you matter? That’s the thing, I don’t matter to the point where a celebrity would, and however, I feel that I have established myself as blogger whose opinion matters for the most part to some people.


I’ve been through a few things in this thing called life and as a result it has made me a better person.


Twenty-Nine is a big monumental age to reach and I couldn’t have got this far without faith, wisdom, video games and of course literature, I left out one thing which as common sense!


I have talked about that a lot on this blog as some people have lost that these days. Nonetheless I am grateful for this day and grateful for my small group of followers. You all are important to me and make me feel good.

It’s encouraging to see that my audience are also fellow bloggers, it says a lot to me that you would think of following me.


Look forward to more content and deeper conversation about various topics. As always if you haven’t followed be sure to follow me, like, comment and share. I will do the same for you!




Happy Birthday to me 2014.

Jump off the bandwagon.

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You remember the saying if you have nothing good to say don’t say nothing at all?

Well that is why I have bitten my tongue, until now. Some many people seem to be riding the band wagon of hate and ignorance.

When has the conversation of reslolution ever been important? The fan boy syndrome has taken over. I don’t like writing about speculation or rumors nor do I entertain the thoughts of the bias media.

Its obvious that their seems to be a divide where a line is drawn in the sand and for what purpose I ask?

Xbox One does what the company intended it to do, and the Ps4 does what it’s company intended.

The bandwagon has been going for some time now. Perhaps it is the companies themselves who in their quest for superiority, cause such drama in the world of gaming?  What do you think? Share your thoughts.

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Black men in the video game industry ……………………..

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As promised, here are my thoughts on black men in the video game industry. Of course there are black men in the industry who are involved in developing games. Their are spokes persons, those who do Quality Assurance, also known as game testers and finally those who develop games.  In terms of the industry, there aren’t that many black men in the forefront.

I can name Hip-hop gamer who is video game journalist, as someone that comes to mind as a black male in the industry. Sure, there are plenty of people who are doing their own thing independently, but not for major websites and companies. The fact remains there aren’t many who are main stream that I know of.  I have seen a few, they either have their own special area in which they are only used for a particular thing or they are deep in the background.

It seems that there are more black males that play video games than those who choose to get involved. I know this topic has been talked about before and as time passes I know it will get better.

I want to see people who look like me talking about games, working on games, being in the forefront. I am just speaking on a observation. This is not to knock anyone doing their own work independently or to any other website representing them that I am not aware of. I just would like to see more diversity involved in our favorite pass time.

Certainly video games are played by all types of people but I can’t help but feel that not enough diversity exists. It’s not a black or white thing, but it’s a gaming thing. Everyone should be involved if they choose. I feel that popular sites should definitely take this into consideration when hiring as they want to reach people.

What are you thoughts on this post? Do you feel that race or diversity is a issue in the main stream video game industry? Do you see more of a certain race than another? Be sure to like, comment, share and follow.  Thanks.

For more information on Hip-hop gamer go here to his website:

What gaming means to me……………

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What gaming means to me…………

It’s been a little while since I posted anything so this time I wanted to ask a question. What does gaming mean to you?

Gaming for me is more than picking up a controller and starring into a television screen. It means so much more to me. As for myself it allows me to communicate with my friends across the world.  I can escape the realities of life and take on challenges that I can complete at my own pace.

For some gaming could be an escape from the chaos all around them, rather it be their home surroundings or the complexity of a dysfunctional family. Gaming can help you cope and relied stress. To some who take it seriously games could do the opposite and cause frustration.

To those who look at gaming as a nerd cult phenomenon I say, look again, and this time when you look see a hobby that is just as important as reading or writing. See an option for some to avoid crime and get caught up in the negativity, drama or gang related activity around them.  See gaming for what it really is, an interactive experience! An experience that can be shared from generation to generation.

I am proud to say that I am a gamer. What about you? What does gaming mean to you? Did people assume things about you because you were a gamer? Be sure to follow and as always comment!

What does your genre choice say about you?


Game genres are just as specific as movie genres.  We have fighting, RPG, racing, boxing just to name a few.  What does your genre of choice say about you?

I love the fighting genre. Games such as Dead or Alive and the Tekken series, and I often can be found playing such games. What does this say about me if taken literally?

On the surface it says that I am a violent person who loves to fight and challenge other people.  It can be said that I don’t need a reason to fight; in fact I will fight without a cause all simply because of my choice of gaming.

Now your wondering is it really that serious? I suppose not but, I couldn’t help but wonder.

Let’s not even bring the media into this because video games have been blamed for just about everything.

Many shooting games have been named over the years as blame for tragedies that have taken place.

In my opinion shooting games do not dictate violent actions nor should it be said that those who play them are violent.  However, this is the case in such situations when during investigation it is discovered that the person in question may have had played a game or two.

Do you feel that there should be or is a stigma attached to your game genre choice? How do you feel about the scapegoat called video games being blamed or mentioned during tragedies?

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One Life to Live



We have one life to live but the characters we play with in video games have many. How seriously do you take the life of these characters?

I have been playing Tomb Raider in which there have been many ways established for her to meet her demise.

Falling off cliffs, being impaled by metal objects and of course being shot by the ever present enemies are a few but do we cherish the lives of our digital brothers and sisters?  Do we take risky jumps and jarring leaps of faith? Yes, the character die I suppose you can always try again as it is only a game.

Do the characters have a say in the way we play with them? For example. If you’ve ever played one of the old Tomb Raider games, you can try to run into a door and if the door was locked Lara would say “No” and shake her head.

One of my most recent experiences was playing Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS.  I had such a difficult time trying to maneuver around the levels. I would fall into the background and fall off the platforms. Mario died so much on this game that I could hardly count. Not even the special suit that you get once you die a few times could stop him.

It was at that point that I realized that I would have to pass on playing Mario for  a little while, for he surely had changed much over the years. Well not him, but I.

I think the more challenging the game, the more life is lost.  What are your thoughts? Have you ever paid attention to how many life’s you have used during the course of a game? Be sure to like and follow.