The Resurrection

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Hi Everyone! It feels good to write again. I have had problems with this blog with the page not loading correctly. Here is the resurrection of EnglishgamerUninhibited.   I am so grateful for the 141 of you who follow this blog. I know I made promises before about updating this site but this time I really mean it.

A lot has transpired in the world of gaming with the release of a ton of games. Games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and State of Decay 2 to name a few.

Over the past couple of months I have become a fan of Nintendo. Those who follow gaming know that they recently had a Nintendo Direct which showcased a slew of games like Luigi’s Mansion 3. What’s even more important is the fact that we are days away from the premier of the online service for the Nintendo Switch. I can’t lie, I watched the end of the conference in pure disbelieve that we still have to use the phone app in order to communicate. Games like Fortnite allow communication just by plugging headphones with a mic directly  into the headphone jack.  This sets the standard on the system that Nintendo could follow. Not only was there talk of the phone app but there was also talk about cloud saves which is not supported in every game. What a turn off to the masses, which is why the Nintendo community is upset.

Let’s talk about the state of the Nintendo Switch. The system is still lacking apps like Netflix and YouTube which in my opinion, are must have apps. Nintendo continues to be behind the curve as it relates to progress and technology.( Your probably thinking tell me something I didn’t know lol).

I can only hope that things get better with time. I love the Nintendo switch and I look forward to new game experiences.

What do you think about the online service for the Nintendo Switch? Do you think Nintendo has a long ways to go in terms of catching up with its competition? Are you a Switch owner ? As always please follow, share and comment Until next time!


E3 2017, Nintendo Switch, Zelda Breath of the wild.

Hi All! It has been a few months since I typed anything. Welcome to all the new followers! E3 has come and gone, if you know me well enough you would know that their isn’t a surprise in who won e3. My vote goes to Nintendo! Mario odyssey made its presence known through demos, videos and interviews. Nintendo won e3 by announcing a new Metroid game. Enough about E3 2017.

The Nintendo Switch is still hard to come by, but the little system is doing amazing sales wise. I have one and I am glad to say that it is a fun system to own.  That brings me to my next topic, Zelda Breath of the Wild. This game is one of the most realistic games I have ever played. Run too long and link gets tired, climb too far up and he falls down. This adds a level of realism not seen in many popular games. Its funny to say that initially, I thought that link was named Zelda!!!!! Since then I have learned that he is named link.   Me and Zelda: the Breath of the Wild have a love and hate relationship I love the game but hate when I get stuck. When I first started the game I thought I was going to be led around and told what to do but I was surely fooled.  I ran around until I ran into an abandoned church like structure, I thought I could find refuge their but to my surprise there was a beast waiting for me. I had no weapon to fight and every time  I would attempt to hit him I would die.  This beast would chase me for short distances until I would stay away from it. Needless to say me and this Zelda game have some time to spend together.

Who do you think won E3? Have you tried to get a Nintendo Switch? What has been your experience with Zelda Botw?