Your Already Somebody


As I sit here I couldn’t help but think of that one person that may need encouragement.

You might feel that you need validation from people but the truth is that you are already somebody. Unlike Lara Croft who sets out on a quest to know who she is, you are already somebody.

 Never let what people say deter you from being you. There is nothing wrong with corrective criticism if it is helping you in the long run. 

 Nobody can beat you at being you, you are already somebody. I say if I had this or when I get that, I will be somebody but the truth is I am already somebody.

 We put our hopes and confidence in our jobs and then when we lose them we lose our self but the truth is you are already somebody.

  So be the best you that you can be. Don’t wait on other to approve your life. Jump out there and live, you are somebody!

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When the jar is empty.

I’m in deep thought about this one.


Your zodiac sign has nothing to do with this. The month you were born cannot dictate the abundance of creativity you have within.

But what do you do when the jar is empty?

Do you stop completely or do you push yourself to continue whatever you need to do?

As we go through life our jars get filled with the good , the bad and the ugly. Bad experiences,  bad relationships and or the highs of life . These  things can drain our jar of curiosity,  creativity, self worth and happiness.  When this happens one is to take from the jars around you, no, don’t steal a jar from the store haha but become inspired from other jars around you.

PUT That Jar back on the shelf!

Maybe you have given up on a game entirely and were inspired to continue by the playthrough you watched on YouTube.  Maybe you started reading a book and stopped half way through but with the encouragement of others you proceeded.

Be inspired , keep your jar full so you never go empty. Keep the fire burning.

Have you had a moment in your life where you felt like your jar was empty? Do share below.