Working Your Gift


Yup, here’s another post that doesn’t talk about video games! This topic was in my spirit and I could not get rid of it. So, I thought the best thing to do was write about it.

Each of us has a unique gift. This gift varies from person to person. Some have one, others have 5. I believe that our gifts will make room for us. Meaning our gifts will take us places if we only work them. I am working mines right now by simply writing. You see, writing has been my specialty since I was younger. I majored in Creative Writing/English in College. It comes easy to me and its something that I enjoy. Your gift might be making cakes or singing. If you perfect your gift it will begin to make room for you.

How do you work your gift? Simply by putting it to use. Not sure what your gift is? What comes easy to you? What do you enjoy the most? What are you good at? Turn that talent into a gift. Using your gift to help others will also open doors.

Now I didn’t wanna leave this out, one’s gift maybe inventing video games or simply playing them and being successful at them, whatever your gift is work it. To be honest I initially had planned on getting a scripture that talked about gifts and break it down but this will suffice.
I just wanted to offer two cents as it relates to using our gifts.


The Real Meaning of Christmas!!!!!!



    With the Holidays so near, and with my access to a platform to share my thoughts It wouldn’t be right for me to not make a post about the true meaning of Christmas. 

When this part of the year comes, stores begin to run over with people, roads become crowded and people become focused on what they can give to out shine another.  Has any thought gone into the real meaning of Christmas? 

Sure you have read the Bible where it says that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph and how there was no room in the end. The three wise men brought gifts as well.  However, there is more to it than that.  Taking a deeper look you will see that these gifts that we go into debt for or buy to improve our image in the eyes of people aren’t really what it is about.

Christmas is about the ultimate gift being sent to earth from God. God sent his son Jesus and he is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. Though we share in our remembrance by giving gifts they are temporary while the ultimate gift to us is eternal.

In all your celebrations and time with family never forget about the true meaning of Christmas! Always keep Christ in Christmas because there wouldn’t be a Christmas without him.  If you know the real meaning pass it along.