Top 5 list of video game characters with Potty Mouths.

Video game characters have as much freedom as we Americans have with the bill of rights. It’s no wonder why some of them curse like sailors tossed to and fro at sea.

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Here is my list of characters with potty mouths.

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1. Marcus Fenix- From the Gears of War series. If he had a middle name it would be swearing as it is what he is good at.  I guess swearing helps me stay sane while killing all the locusts.


2. Duke Nukem- Perhaps one of the most well-known people on the list. This comes as no surprise. He gets the awarded as the granddaddy of swearing. He indeed has a potty mouth on (2)


3. Saints Row Series- For this game your character varied but, their mouth did not. Whoever you chose to play as had a mouth full of trash to dispose of continually throughout the game.

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4. CJ- He is no stranger to any of us. He is one of the most popular characters of the entire series and has a colorful way of expressing himself making him most memorable.

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5.  Conker- No list would be complete without including that little cute squirrel. Mess with him and he will curse you half way to hell.

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Well there’s my list. It could have been longer but I didn’t want to drag it out.

What do you think? Would you add any others? I think potty mouth characters make the game that they are in. They bring a type of realness that can’t be found elsewhere.


Rollin with the homies

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I can’t help to remember my nose dive into the then called next generation back in 2006 with the Xbox 360. Prior to that I had been gaming on Sega Dreamcast, GameCube and the Original Xbox.  This was my first online console where I immediately met up with likeminded gamers.

Countless hours were spent battling the locust horde on Gears of War or even battling each other to the death on Dead or Alive 4. Of course Halo 3 had its place among the games I used to play. Then there was the almighty Grand Theft Auto 4, which allowed you to team up with a high amount of people online while craziness happened all around you.

This was my initial game in which I was Rollin with the homies aka hanging out with friends.  In this game you could ride around the city and do whatever you wanted. Same thing goes for Grand theft Auto 5, with the ability to have a crew the possibilities for fun are endless.

Want to have a race with your friends? Set it up. Want to start a drive by? You can do that too.

I just wanted to talk about how much fun can be had with friends. What are some fun things you have done with your friends online? What games do you and your friends enjoy playing?

My Top Ten Most Evil Video Game Characters List………

My Top Ten  Most Evil Video Game Characters List……………………..

1. Dr. Robotnik – From Sonic the Hedgehog I remember when I was younger trying to defeat him. He is the originator of evil.

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2. Raam- From the Gears of War series, he was the big guy before all the others in the series.  I could never seem to run away from him fast enough.

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3. Azazel – From Tekken 6, this bird/ thing changes colors and stomps on its opponents, not to mention that his towers above them with his height.

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4. Shao Khan- Everyone knows who this guy is. Often he was accused of cheating as it was impossible to beat him.

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5.  Killbane- From Saints Row 3, he loves to fight and will stop at nothing to end your life.

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6. The Joker- What list wouldn’t be complete without him, he is the glue that holds Batman together.

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7.Goro- Also from the Mortal Kombat series, this four armed beast was nothing to play around with.

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8. Bowser- From the Super Mario brother series, he has been causing trouble for the Italian plumber Mario for years now.

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9 .Dural – From the Virtua Fighter Series,  she sure knows how to fight, only being able to fight her at the end of the game  increases your anxiety levels. Lose to this metal machine and its back to the beginning of arcade mode to try again.




10. Alpha-152- From the Dead or Alive series, she looks similar to Kasumi. Since she is transparent and uhhh barely covered your in for a treat during battle. Let’s just hope that you win.





What do you think of the list? Do you think others should have made the list? What are your memories of these characters? Be sure to comment.

My favorite game of all time!


When I think of all the games that I have played in my life time over the years.  So many contenders come to mind as a choice for my favorite. Above all one stood out the most and that game is titled Gears of War 3. Developed by Epic Games, this game boasted a batttle for the survival of the human race against the locust.  

Each game improved on the other, both graphically and content wise.

The story in Gears of war 3 reminded me of a summer block buster. This game is an edge of your seat thriller from beginning to end. Of course the steriod charged cast of characters who swore like sailors ,kept the party going.

Outside of the story mode, is the ever addicting multiplayer mode which puts you in 5 on 5 battles where not a limb is off limits. The gore, controls and comments made by characters during battle make Gears 3 my favorite game.

What is your favorite game? Do you have too many to just choose one? Name them below!