A Letter to Nintendo

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Dear Nintendo:

As an advent fan of Nintendo, I write.

You were the first name in my head when it came to gaming. Mario was the new kid on the block with an addiction to mushrooms.

You are the originator. You set the trend and foot print for all these other companies to follow.

Nintendo, your video game characters are legendary and have become icons.

For a long time I used to think Link’s name was Zelda but, thanks to the help of others I now know who he is.

Somewhere down the line you lost focus, I think it was after the Wii systems success.  It was a big hit and offered a new way to play.

The thought of naming your next generation console after its predecessor and only adding a U to the name was not a good idea. Assuming that people would jump on board when they are not sure as to what the system is or what it could do was not either.

This has been addressed through advertising which will help in the long run.

Perhaps, if the system had a different name the outcome would have been different.

What strikes a chord with me personally is that your company continues to lack in features that should be standard. Features such as voice chat, video chat with more than one person, voice messaging, and a faster UI.

The Wii u has made strides with things such as MI verse. The Wii u has potential to grow over time but that is only if you will allow it.

A structured online system should have been in place from the start.

Onto the games, the Wii U is overdue its promised games, and you continue to spit them out at snail pace expecting people to hang on. Sure the Nintendo enthusiasts will cling for dear life but what about the rest of us?

I love Nintendo for what it was not what it is currently. I know that the games coming this year will knock our socks off but, the truth is they are long overdue.

I can literally count on my fingers the amount of apologies I have heard. Don’t be sorry, make progress, do better and for once listen to your fan base and maybe the nay Sayers as good criticism will only make you better.

Become the Nintendo we all know your capable of!


A Nintendo Fan.