Your Already Somebody


As I sit here I couldn’t help but think of that one person that may need encouragement.

You might feel that you need validation from people but the truth is that you are already somebody. Unlike Lara Croft who sets out on a quest to know who she is, you are already somebody.

 Never let what people say deter you from being you. There is nothing wrong with corrective criticism if it is helping you in the long run. 

 Nobody can beat you at being you, you are already somebody. I say if I had this or when I get that, I will be somebody but the truth is I am already somebody.

 We put our hopes and confidence in our jobs and then when we lose them we lose our self but the truth is you are already somebody.

  So be the best you that you can be. Don’t wait on other to approve your life. Jump out there and live, you are somebody!

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Against All Odds: The struggle of a writer

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Hi, all! I finally got the nerve to write again. It’s been about four months. Let’s see…. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. There is no time like the present. Not to mention how time is flying.  It took me some time to think about if I should write on this topic or not. I’m really putting myself out there.   After all this has been my experience.  The ability to land a writing job had been a dream of mines since forever.  Writing has always been second nature to me. Which is why I majored in English in college.  I was sold on the dream of going to college and how bright my future would be.  While in college I excelled, joining various clubs and organizations and even made the dean’s list multiple times. 

       The problem was when I hit the real world. There is so much competition and not to mention the need to have experience.  That makes me feel like my education was a waste. I know that this is not the case because it has prepared me to think critically and helped me to be more precise. I can’t help but to think that I have so much to offer the world.  This seems to be the case of the English majors that I have spoken to.  I know this is just temporary but it feels like forever. Unlike the classic case of writers block this block doesn’t seem to be going away.  If you are one of the people going through this. Keep your head up and keep writing.

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What does your like button say about you?

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Bloggers we all know what it means when someone likes your post,

They hit the like button and we are thrilled and over run with joy that someone thought enough of us to hit the like button.

It means the world to me. Anyway, but what does those like likes reveal about you?

For one, they reveal what is popular and of course what is liked but what does it reveal about you?

It says that your good at what your doing and that your heading in the right direction.

Going beyond that, it says that you are superb in the art of communication, that your work has found a place if only for a moment, in front of someone else.

I find myself getting addicted to likes and I hope that you would support me in my addiction by hitting the button below!

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Who Cares?


Have you ever written anything or done something from the bottom of your heart in good faith and feel like no one cares?

You might write on your blog and feel like no one is reading or even cares. However, the truth is that someone cares about every word that flows from you.

Sometimes when one is unique in personality and writing style it takes time to build the correct audience or for people to accept you for that matter. Fear not if you find yourself in this situation.

Chances are if you care about what you write someone else will as well.

I’ll admit this question pops up in my head from time to time as I wonder who would really care but I know that there is at least one person who will take a glance at what I wrote.

Do you find yourself asking who cares? Is this holding you back at all?

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The Struggle To Remain Relevant

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Is being relevant really important? Can you exist in your own world and invite others in? Well here are my thoughts.

I know I’m not alone in this struggle as I fight to remain relevant.

With so much competition, I want to become more than an afterthought in the minds of those that read this blog.

As I look around at my fellow bloggers, I can’t help but feel some type a way.

At times I feel aggravated because I have nothing to say.   There are plenty of drafts which need finishing, but I won’t touch them until the words come to me. I want a complete and accurate portrayal of my thoughts for a particular subject. I want to intrigue and captivate my reading audience.

I wish I could find every blogger and take the thoughts from their head and put them with my own lol I joke!

By no means do I lack creativity or inspiration, but I do lack what it is to be relevant at this moment.

I guess the fact is that I am happy in the spot I am in. Don’t get me wrong, a broader audience is on my radar, and better content as well, but if I never become relevant I am Ok with that.

Let me define relevant, at least my definition. My definition is defined as, being popular among others, having loads and loads of views etc., if this never happens, I am satisfied.

Sure, we all strive for the top position and write content that we all hope that our followers and readers will love.

I aspire to reach the top whether I am relevant or not. What about you?

Do you struggle to remain relevant? How important is this to you?

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My Quest To Be Unique

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When I started this blog I initially knew how I wanted it to become.  I wanted to be able to release content daily, but often struggled in coming up with things to write about. I quickly found out what worked for me.  It is important to me to not be similar to the blogs around me in terms of my approach.

I am thankful that I have been accepted and welcomed among the elite bloggers here on WordPress. Most of them are my friends who I look up to. However, I quickly found that it was popular to be negative. For some reason one could write about negativity without regards to anything and still manage to get views.  You will never find that here, unless I am in rant mode which will be a rare occurrence.

Having said that I hope that each and every person who reads this blog and my followers are pleased with the content that I have written about.  I really had no idea that I would be writing this long.

I hope you’re enjoying the ride as I am on my quest to be unique.  Thank you.