Hardcore Gamers Only?



Hey what’s going on? I know there’s a lot of gaming news and reveals happening now so I will try to keep this short. Chances are good if you have been following my blog you have seen me lose all my marbles over Microsoft Xbox decisions and the lack of 1st party exclusives.  Now I wonder if we are the only ones who care? Do casual gamers care about it? Sure were gonna get Gears 5, and Halo but is that enough?

Long story short, these business decisions affect us all.  This could be the reason why PlayStation and Nintendo have good sales. I consider myself a hardcore gamer as I love gaming and play very often. Do you feel that titles shouldn’t matter? I think its ok as long as its not vulgar.

Well this is a short post just wanted to put this out there. What are your thoughts? I think I asked more questions then providing answers lol. As always please follow, like and comment.



Does It Really?


Hi all!  It’s been a long time, seems like eternity. Of course I have been getting my game on. I hope you have too. So you might be wondering, what made me start writing again? One thing in particular made me want to write and that is the blaming of video games  causing violent behavior. If you want to get technical as far as research is concerned you can search my blog and see what research says about it. As for this post I just wanted to give my opinion.

Violent video games have been in the news again with the recent mass shootings. Some how people think that video games is partially to blame. There are situations where video games may serve as an influence but it shouldn’t take total blame. I think guns play a greater role, after all bullets can’t shoot themselves.  Mental health is apart of it as well.  I feel that if there is less guns on the street then we will see a reduction in crime. The only game that comes to mind is Grand theft auto which is a violent videogame for example.  As we all know you can run and gun and do whatever you want in Grand theft auto. You can do these things in real life but you shouldn’t. I think that one ought to be able to tell the difference between a video game and reality unless one is mentally ill.

I had to express my thoughts as a gamer living in the world today. What are your thoughts on violent video games causing violent behavior? Should guns be banned from being sold at certain stores?

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The Resurrection

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Hi Everyone! It feels good to write again. I have had problems with this blog with the page not loading correctly. Here is the resurrection of EnglishgamerUninhibited.   I am so grateful for the 141 of you who follow this blog. I know I made promises before about updating this site but this time I really mean it.

A lot has transpired in the world of gaming with the release of a ton of games. Games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and State of Decay 2 to name a few.

Over the past couple of months I have become a fan of Nintendo. Those who follow gaming know that they recently had a Nintendo Direct which showcased a slew of games like Luigi’s Mansion 3. What’s even more important is the fact that we are days away from the premier of the online service for the Nintendo Switch. I can’t lie, I watched the end of the conference in pure disbelieve that we still have to use the phone app in order to communicate. Games like Fortnite allow communication just by plugging headphones with a mic directly  into the headphone jack.  This sets the standard on the system that Nintendo could follow. Not only was there talk of the phone app but there was also talk about cloud saves which is not supported in every game. What a turn off to the masses, which is why the Nintendo community is upset.

Let’s talk about the state of the Nintendo Switch. The system is still lacking apps like Netflix and YouTube which in my opinion, are must have apps. Nintendo continues to be behind the curve as it relates to progress and technology.( Your probably thinking tell me something I didn’t know lol).

I can only hope that things get better with time. I love the Nintendo switch and I look forward to new game experiences.

What do you think about the online service for the Nintendo Switch? Do you think Nintendo has a long ways to go in terms of catching up with its competition? Are you a Switch owner ? As always please follow, share and comment Until next time!

What’s the Deal?


Hi all ! As promised  I am back. Still having difficulty loading word press but I guess it is what it is. So much time has passed.  We as gamers are getting ready for E3 2018. This year is looking to be great. There have been tons of leaks and rumors. I’m not going to discuss them here, I would rather talk about what each company needs to do to be successful this E3.

I would like to start with Microsoft. They have taken a back seat this generation releasing  one of the most powerful systems with no games. Sure we have State of Decay 2 and Sea of Thieves but these games are nothing to write home about.  Microsoft needs to bring the games, new ones to be exact. Some how they have lost their thunder they had during the 360 era.  We need games like tomorrow needs  yesterday! Sony on the other hand has been on top by releasing game after game. Not only are they releasing them but these games have good scores. The PlayStation 4 maybe at the end of its life cycle but it sure does have stellar games. This year Sony is only focusing on four games, which at first seemed to be miniscule. Upon further investigation you will learn that they will be going deeper than just game trailers. Since they have been delivering game after game the focus on four games is acceptable.

Well that takes care of Microsoft and Sony,where does that leave Nintendo ? They are already in the winners seat. They are riding high off the success of the Switch. If you have been following this blog you would know that Nintendo took first place at last years E3. The announcements, the games and trailers all made for spectacular show. If they can repeat what they did last year they will take home the crown again.

Here’s hoping that we will have a great E3. I just wanted to give my thoughts on what I think each company needed to do. Do you agree with my thoughts? Do you think I was too tough on Microsoft?

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Technical Difficulties


Hi all, its been a long time since I wrote anything. Happy New Year! Time is flying I tell you. I have been wanting to write for the longest time but I have been having technical difficulties. The website no longer loads pages that I need in order to write. As I write this i am hoping it will post correctly.

There has been a ton of games that have released and I plan on talking about them soon.

One of which is God of War 4, perhaps one of the best games ever created. God of War 4 represents everything that gamers crave.  The single player experience has been lacking recent years, sure there has been games like Horizon Zero Dawn but it seems like the  focus has been multiplayer games. Yes I’m looking at you Microsoft.  Sony seems to understand what gamer’s want.

I plan on going into detail in another post on what I think each company needs to do to satisfy their fan base.

Well that’s it for now. Until next time, please continue to follow, like and comment! What do you think about the direction each gaming company is taking ?



Working Your Gift


Yup, here’s another post that doesn’t talk about video games! This topic was in my spirit and I could not get rid of it. So, I thought the best thing to do was write about it.

Each of us has a unique gift. This gift varies from person to person. Some have one, others have 5. I believe that our gifts will make room for us. Meaning our gifts will take us places if we only work them. I am working mines right now by simply writing. You see, writing has been my specialty since I was younger. I majored in Creative Writing/English in College. It comes easy to me and its something that I enjoy. Your gift might be making cakes or singing. If you perfect your gift it will begin to make room for you.

How do you work your gift? Simply by putting it to use. Not sure what your gift is? What comes easy to you? What do you enjoy the most? What are you good at? Turn that talent into a gift. Using your gift to help others will also open doors.

Now I didn’t wanna leave this out, one’s gift maybe inventing video games or simply playing them and being successful at them, whatever your gift is work it. To be honest I initially had planned on getting a scripture that talked about gifts and break it down but this will suffice.
I just wanted to offer two cents as it relates to using our gifts.

Tekken 7: My Thoughts

I was really looking forward to Tekken 7.  As a fighting game fanatic, I approached the game with sheer excitement. However, after playing the game I felt like it was missing something. Sure it has nice graphics and the combos that you learned over the years still work.

Well what’s missing? I don’t know how to answer this question. The game seems incomplete especially when it comes down to the story. Its short like this post! HA ,there, I said it. I expected so much more from this game.

Tekken 7 also introduced rage art which allows you or your opponent to launch a devastating attack in a last effort to win. This is where Tekken 7 loses its fun in my  opinion. All a losing person has to do is launch the particular move and they will win the match. This has been a complaint I have been hearing. Its a good fighting game to say the least.

In terms of Tekken games I prefer Tekken Tag Tournament. Its something about this game.  Perhaps its the fact that it came right after Tekken 3, which is another favorite.

What’s your favorite Tekken game? Do you agree with me about Tekken 7?

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