Dear Microsoft, what are you doing?

Lately Microsoft has been the talk of the town with the Xbox One not having as many exclusives as Sony. With most of the games going to pc, gamers are on edge.  Seems like they are not caring as much as they should. Console gamers don’t care about being able to play anywhere but on their consoles.

Games are getting canceled left and right. I believe this all started with E3 when the Xbox one was first announced. There message was confusing and DRM practices made people dislike them. They haven’t regained their audience as PS4 has won the console race.

At this moment Microsoft is moving around like a chicken with its head cut off. Sure they may have some hidden games in development which they may reveal at this E3 but until then it feels like they have lost their footing. The Xbox division needs to realize that gamers want games, not just UI system updates.

I feel that Microsoft was its best during the days of the original Xbox . The system was very powerful and had a ton of games to boot. But most of all their message was clear and precise.

Xbox is my system of choice and I hope that they get their act together before its too late.

What’s your system of choice? What do you think of Microsoft’s current direction? As always follow, like and comment!




7 thoughts on “Dear Microsoft, what are you doing?

  1. I personally love the Play Anywhere stuff. I understand it’s not for everyone, but as an Xbox gamer who has gotten more into PC it’s great to still be able to play with friends in games like Gears and Forza Horizon 3.

    I think Microsoft has some pretty cool things on the horizon, starting with Xbox Game Pass which I’m pretty excited for. I also think the Scorpio will be the start of an exciting new era for Xbox gamers. It’ll be pretty interesting to see what happens once they have the most powerful console on the market. I know that might not appeal to existing Xbox One owners, but I think it’s a necessary step forward.

  2. Good post. It has been a slow start to the year for Microsoft, but hopefully they can come back with a strong E3 showing. I worry that they’re going to focus too much on the Scorpio and not enough on the software.

      1. Haha yeah. I’m secretly hoping for Sunset Overdrive 2, but with Insomniac busy with Spider-Man, it’s not looking likely.

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