Gears Of War 4: My Thoughts

If you have been following this blog, you would know how much I adore Gears OF War 3.I loved the characters and the story. It took me some time to get used to Gears of war 4. After all it is a game without Locust or Queen Myrrah.  We are no longer fighting for the horde, that is if your locust. I have to admit I didn’t like the Swarm or the Robots you have to fight.  However, once I got past that I began to enjoy the game.

What we have is a game that is nothing short of amazing.  Gears4 is packed with action from the story mode to horde mode.  Playing as Marcus’s son makes the game that much better. It’s Gears for a younger generation.  The multiplayer part of the game is 60 fps which is a step up from Gears3.

It is my opinion that the characters are less chatty during gameplay than the characters of Gears3. This takes nothing away from the game. If I had to say something negative it would be the micro transactions.  This is ok because you can use in game currency to purchase items as well.

Overall, Gears4 caught me by surprise. It truly is a game worth playing. So what are you waiting for? Get the lancer and start shooting.

Have you played Gears of War 4 yet? What are your thoughts? As always like, comment and subscribe.




What’s Been Going on?



It’s been a while since I wrote anything, about several months to be exact.  Why? I guess I kind of got to the point where I felt like no one was listening to what I had to say. I felt like I said a lot and that I needed to drop the mic and walk away. Sure their were topics that I wanted post about along the way. Sometimes it’s good to just walk away and take time off.

During my journey I felt like I lost a piece of myself.  I felt like I lost all my creativity as it relates to expressing myself through words. I had to find myself again. I know this is deep and your wondering why should you care? If you are a follower on this blog, I know that you care and I thank you for that.

Now I am back , with a new focus and vision. I’m ready to bring the EnglishgamerUninhibted blog into the future. So sit back and relax ! Just an update from yours truly!