And the E3 2015 the winner is……………………..

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Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all brought their A game to their respective conferences. Each one was flasher than the next. But who had the best conference? Well depending on who you ask, your answer will be different. Microsoft started out strong announcing their line up of games and 360 backwards compatibility. Sony did the same as expected, one of the highlights for me was hearing about Shenmue 3. That game alone got me excited. Some people felt that Nintendo digital conference was lack luster.

So enough with the chit chat, who do  I think won E3 2015?

I have to say my vote is with Microsoft. Being able to play Xbox 360 games for free without a service fee spoke volumes. The game line-up stood out more to me as well. How can I forget to mention the car that was lowered on stage, that was cool too!

What are your thoughts? Who do you think won E3 2015?

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