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Are the graphics on the PS4 and Xbox one being held back by cross generational gaming? Is the gaming industry being held back?

The Xbox360 and PS3 are still getting games. One game that come to mind is Mortal Kombat  X. Sure the graphics look ok but if the game was only for next generation systems the graphics would look much better. This goes for any game being developed cross generationally.

You may be a  person who says that graphics don’t matter, I on the other hand like eye candy.

Do you feel that cross generational gaming is hurting the industry? Are graphics being jeopardized?

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4 thoughts on “What we see………………

  1. The only thing that is holding back the industry is a lack of originality. Almost every title is comparable to something else, whether directly or Subtley. Graphical fidelity is certainly something this gen of consoles should be striving for, regardless of releases on older formats.

  2. I think that graphics are a huge part of a console during the early years of its life. When next-gen consoles get released, the first thing people ask are “how are the graphics?”. In my opinion, I think for the first year to two years graphics should be a big part of the industry to try and get people to drop their old console, like the PS3 and Xbox360, and make the jump to the newer consoles.

    That being said, I think gameplay and story and very important as well, but from a marketing standpoint, graphics should be in the front seat when trying to show off a game.

    As it turns out right now, I think having games that are released on both consoles are probably holding the industry back. The time and man hours used to code the game to work on both generation consoles could be used to make the game look “prettier”. Take a game like Bloodborne. For example. I’m pretty sure it was released only for the PS4 and look how amazing that game looks, as well as gameplay.

    All in all, those are my thoughts and like Karl said, I too think originality is holding the industry back as well.

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