Lowered Expectations



I would like to talk about expectations. The expectations we put on people, are they realistic? Are we asking too much?

We ask for respect, common courtesy and assume they will give it to us, but  thats not always the case.

When your expectations does not match up to that of others, there will always be a disconnect. Not so much on your end but the end of the other person.  When they don’t have the same expectations.

What expectations do you have of people? As always be sure to follow, share and comment.



One thought on “Lowered Expectations

  1. drakulus23 January 2, 2016 / 1:02 PM

    I don’t have any expectations of people. I let very few people know me as a person. I can come across as an asshole to people that don’t know me and I honestly don’t care. People that do know me know that I’ll always have their backs.

    I used to care what other people though of me many years ago, but I learned that wasn’t a very good way to live.

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