My thoughts on MKX

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It’s time for the next Mortal Kombat tournament are you ready? Mortal Kombat x is one of the most graphic video games to date. The amount of gore that it has is unimaginable. Much like the other Mk games, earth is fighting against the Out world to save humanity. There are new faces, one of which has become my favorite, Cassie Cage.

Smack, stab and jab your opponent to ensure victory.Once you are successful you can finish your opponent. Mortal Kombat X offers a slew of gut busting fatalities.

The story mode shares the same depth as MK9 taking a while to complete.

Characters have distinct move sets where you will be able to tell them apart.

Overall Mortal Kombat X is a solid fighter which I recommend you pick up.

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Lowered Expectations



I would like to talk about expectations. The expectations we put on people, are they realistic? Are we asking too much?

We ask for respect, common courtesy and assume they will give it to us, but  thats not always the case.

When your expectations does not match up to that of others, there will always be a disconnect. Not so much on your end but the end of the other person.  When they don’t have the same expectations.

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What we see………………

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Are the graphics on the PS4 and Xbox one being held back by cross generational gaming? Is the gaming industry being held back?

The Xbox360 and PS3 are still getting games. One game that come to mind is Mortal Kombat  X. Sure the graphics look ok but if the game was only for next generation systems the graphics would look much better. This goes for any game being developed cross generationally.

You may be a  person who says that graphics don’t matter, I on the other hand like eye candy.

Do you feel that cross generational gaming is hurting the industry? Are graphics being jeopardized?

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