The Benefits of being a gamer

Are you a gamer? Well there is some benefits to being a gamer.

1. Good hand and Eye Coordination – This is a must and every gamer has this.



2. Creativity- Gamer’s have some of the most creative minds around.



3. Imagination – An imagination is a must if you are a gamer,

download (1)


4. Patience- You need patience in order to beat the game.

download (2)

Theres my list. Do you know any that can make the list? Be sure to comment, share and follow!


One thought on “The Benefits of being a gamer

  1. gamesthatiplay February 22, 2015 / 7:11 AM

    I would say a stress reliever, but it feels like some get angry playing games. I’ll still go with stress relief, like any form of entertainment.

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