The Benefits of being a gamer

Are you a gamer? Well there is some benefits to being a gamer.

1. Good hand and Eye Coordination – This is a must and every gamer has this.



2. Creativity- Gamer’s have some of the most creative minds around.



3. Imagination – An imagination is a must if you are a gamer,

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4. Patience- You need patience in order to beat the game.

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Theres my list. Do you know any that can make the list? Be sure to comment, share and follow!

His Thoughts He Wrote


Is it possible to out grow video games? Lately I found myself not wanting to play at all. I’m not saying I’m done completely but where I am right now, I haven’t felt interested.

None of the games out are catching my attention, maybe I have a short attention span

who knows,,,,,,,,,,,,,

when i do play I average about 2 hours

maybe I need a break from them but then again I took the gamer oath. I’m a gamer for life.

Have you ever gotten bored with your games? Have you ever needed a break from gaming?

My Thoughts on Little Big Planet 3


Little Big Planet 3 is one of those games that you never get tired of, Each time you turn the game on there is something new.

Like the others before it, Little big planet 3 features the same great gameplay, There are new characters which allow you to do more than run.

Sacboy now knows how to climb.

With the power of the ps4 theres no telling what one can create.

Multiplayer is fun as well. Don’t wanna play the level by yourself? Jump in with someone for some fun.

If you like creating things and like platformers you have to try this game.