My Sunset Overdrive Thoughts

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This game is one  the most colorful games I have ever encountered. You will no doubt see a rainbow as you slide , run and dive across the screen. The game reminds me of Jet Set Radio combined with Dead Rising.

There are a ton of weapons at your disposal like a gun that shoots records,

Upon my time playing I found myself being attacked at every angle meaning the AI is on point.

I tried running in an area where they couldn’t get me but it didn’t work.

I died a few times and respawned back in style. This game is truly Xbox  One’s Infamous:Second Son but unlike Infamous Second Son, it offers a fluid story and engaging gameplay.

I totally recomend this game if you are a xbox one owner.

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One thought on “My Sunset Overdrive Thoughts

  1. drakulus23 January 4, 2015 / 2:49 PM

    What’s your gamertag dude. When I get gold back we should definitely game together. I’m getting Halo soon.

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