What does your like button say about you?

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Bloggers we all know what it means when someone likes your post,

They hit the like button and we are thrilled and over run with joy that someone thought enough of us to hit the like button.

It means the world to me. Anyway, but what does those like likes reveal about you?

For one, they reveal what is popular and of course what is liked but what does it reveal about you?

It says that your good at what your doing and that your heading in the right direction.

Going beyond that, it says that you are superb in the art of communication, that your work has found a place if only for a moment, in front of someone else.

I find myself getting addicted to likes and I hope that you would support me in my addiction by hitting the button below!

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NBA 2k15 A Reskin?

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NBA 2k15 is out now and is experiencing bugs and server issues. Deep down under the new number and fresh paint could there still be the same game?

NBA 2k14 was plagued with server issues and the ever infamous jersey gitch but has there been enough improvements?

The answer yes. They are probably experiencing large traffic which is why the servers are having connection issues.

I know it seems cool for one to think that they are playing the same game but its no true. There are more features in this game starting with the players themselves.  There is more faces to be used when making your person for starters,

For those who have this game and are experiencing issues give it time. You will be ball’in down the court in no time.

Assumption sumption what’s your function ……



Never assume you know a something about someone. They can be an entirely different person.

Assumption sumption whats your function? You know they say that curiosity killed the cat but what did assumption do?

It had to do something to the cat lol. Whats its function? Is assumption ever a good thing?

Never assume unless you want things to be assumed about you.

I say that to say this, people change everyday, who they are right now isn’t who they maybe tomorrow.

Of course the person that they are changing to is affected daily by new experiences and lessons learned.


Has assumption done anything in your life?  Do you know what the purpose of Assumption is?

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