Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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The big reveal of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at Gamescom happened this week!

Overall Call of Duty has had its share of critics over the years and it’s been said that the game never changes.

Well… you can take that argument and throw it away. 

The game has changed graphically and game-play wise. 

It borrows from fps brothers like Titan Fall, Battlefield and Killzone. 

What you have is COD at the core but a much more advanced game that continues to add and add until you have something similar to most of the games already out. 

Customization seemed to be one of the biggest features of this particular game.

There are some negatives that I see, like aiming while jumping during boost jump and specifically targeting another players head.  Get caught running in front of someone and its lights out. 

One of the things that I liked was the coop score streak where one person can share their streak with another. 

For the most part, this game will be fun to play.

Sure there will be people taking advantage of certain ways to killer their opponent, but at the end it’s all fun and games.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer?  Did you watch the reveal?

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