Is It Okay to be Black?


       This will be one of the most controversial posts that I have ever written. I don’t mean to offend or disturb or cause any harm to anyone.  Instead I want to grab attention and start a conversation. This will, as always be my personal thoughts on this particular issue.  Some may say that I am pulling the race card but I beg to differ, especially when situations that are occurring around the world continue to bring race to the forefront.

I will always be the person that I am and in no way am I racist. You might also be wondering what does this have to do with gaming and or literature. I’ll tell you. If one’s life was cut short they will no longer be able to play a game or read a book. This will not be a political or head line snatching blog either but in this situation I felt it was important to discuss nonetheless.

With the recent death of Michael Brown, many people have begun to ask the question is it ok to be black? If you have not heard Michael Brown was the young unarmed teen from Ferguson, Missouri who was gunned down by a Police Officer.

Riots and prayer vigils quickly followed as news spread about his death. People are calling for the firing and prosecution of the officer who took his life.

Does an unarmed person deserve to die? Is it ok to be Black?  Well I guess this would depend on your personal thoughts, No one deserves to die and it is okay to be Black, but I think that when you are Black you should be careful as you would in any other race.

It’s important to surround yourself with positive people. You can become guilty just by association and will go down with those around you if they are doing wrong.

In Michael’s situation, I cannot say what really occurred as I was not there but the fact that he was unarmed speaks volumes on the conversations that need to be had. Conversation perhaps within law enforcement to the extent of not firing right away and or a new technique to access situations… Regardless when these situations occur one should be held responsible.

An investigation is ongoing and I am sure decisions will be made on the case pending further details.

Perhaps the title is a bit of an exaggeration but with the changing times, it is becoming clearer that stereo types still exist and that racism might still be here even in 2014.

The stereo type that says that a Black man maybe committing a crime or simply up to no good when they are walking down the street.  Let’s face it, sure crimes occur by Black men everyday but not all.

The death of Trayvon Martin also made headlines and started a movement that will last forever.

The senseless killings of our youth has to stop.

I just want to address one more thing, the Black on Black violence that is occurring. How can we love others if we not love ourselves?  We must love one another and walk in unity and know that what another person has, we can get if we work hard. There is no need to fight, steal or kill over anything.

I think with time and attention that all the deaths of today’s youth will end.

RIP Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown! As always thanks for reading!




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