Benefits Of Having a Kinect with Xbox One

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We all know Microsoft cut the price of the Xbox One to be on par with that of the PS4.

It has been said that people don’t see the benefit of the Kinect.

I on the other hand, don’t see how one can live without it. The Kinect offers so much more functionality to the Xbox One. The catch is when it wants to work.

The Kinect is a God send when it decides to work. There were times that I had to literally tell the Xbox that the Kinect did not see when I set in front of it,

Once calibrated I found that the Kinect indeed did start to work better.

Voice commands like “Xbox on”, Xbox Off”, Record that” all make the Kinect a must have. Well, especially those who are lazy who shall remain nameless…….

Anyway, I feel that the Kinect only enhances the Xbox One experience. Regardless if you get the system without or without Kinect you have made a great choice.

Some may feel that Microsoft is not consistent in their message being that they came out the gate pushing Kinect and now have changed their minds. Instead what this indicates that they are listening to consumers and want to become more competitive.

What are your thoughts Kinect? Do you think Microsoft made a mistake by not continuing to bundle the Kinect?






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