People Misinterpret What They Don’t Understand


Ever been told you were different? Ever been told that you were a stranger? Have you ever been told that you don’t fit in? Do people spend extreme amounts of time discussing you and what they think of you?

If not, stick around.  People misinterpret what they don’t understand! They rather judge and come to their own conclusion about you or anything about you. This can be negative or positive. So if you’re doing the best you can at being you don’t worry because that is all that you can be.

You can make improvements but don’t change you at the core, only do so if it is wrong, as we all need improvement.

Don’t stress when your misunderstood, there is an essence about you that cannot be comprehended. I am not talking about having an alternative life but I am talking about existing the best way you can and being a great citizen. Making the choice to do well and be nice to those around you.

Continue to live and define who you are regardless if people understand you. Never look for the acceptance of people because sometimes that can be too much.  Sometimes you can never be enough for people, so don’t look to please them.

Be sure in the fact that them not understanding you is no fault of your own.

I just wanted to offer a few words of wisdom. These words had been flowing around in my head.  As always thanks for reading!



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