The Struggle To Remain Relevant

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Is being relevant really important? Can you exist in your own world and invite others in? Well here are my thoughts.

I know I’m not alone in this struggle as I fight to remain relevant.

With so much competition, I want to become more than an afterthought in the minds of those that read this blog.

As I look around at my fellow bloggers, I can’t help but feel some type a way.

At times I feel aggravated because I have nothing to say.   There are plenty of drafts which need finishing, but I won’t touch them until the words come to me. I want a complete and accurate portrayal of my thoughts for a particular subject. I want to intrigue and captivate my reading audience.

I wish I could find every blogger and take the thoughts from their head and put them with my own lol I joke!

By no means do I lack creativity or inspiration, but I do lack what it is to be relevant at this moment.

I guess the fact is that I am happy in the spot I am in. Don’t get me wrong, a broader audience is on my radar, and better content as well, but if I never become relevant I am Ok with that.

Let me define relevant, at least my definition. My definition is defined as, being popular among others, having loads and loads of views etc., if this never happens, I am satisfied.

Sure, we all strive for the top position and write content that we all hope that our followers and readers will love.

I aspire to reach the top whether I am relevant or not. What about you?

Do you struggle to remain relevant? How important is this to you?

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The Leash of Negativity


Those that are on this leash don’t even know it.  Their attachment to negativity isn’t even felt.

Negativity has taken over their heart and they are corrupt internally.

They walk around thinking that they are free, when in actuality the leash has them trapped.

Bitterness flows from the heart through the mouth. The leash keeps one from realizing what’s coming out of their mouth.

These people are not happy with their lives and become critical.

It could be a form of jealousy, envy and overall misunderstanding of what they cannot comprehend.

Then again it can just be pure ignorance, which brings me to a post I did before

Some people are trapped in the slavery of ignorance and on the leash of negativity.

These people take out their frustrations in their life out on you, you are not responsible for these people’s failures and lack of happiness.

Never be held hostage nor be converted by them. Their task is to try to convert you to a bitter person by talking about you negativity.  They focus on your flaws and the negative parts of your life but chances are if you follow them, they have their own.

In fact they think that they are better than you in every way. It’s an internal problem which has nothing to do with you.

If you find yourself around these people, remember they are just barking because they are on the leash of negativity.

Thanks for reading and be encouraged!

P. T. – My Terrified Thoughts………………………..


P. T. has earned a new title and the full game hasn’t even been released. 

That title is “The scariest demo ever”. 

Chances are if you have been following this blog, you might have seen me talk about Outlast. At the time I said I would never play that game because it spooked me out. 

However, this Silent Hill demo had me temporarily paranoid. 

The demo’s visuals surpassed anything that I could ever imagine on a console.  In fact, everything was realistic. There were roaches crawling around and the overall detail was amazing. 

The lighting and shadows set a scary atmosphere that I have never seen before. The house in which the character was in looked as if it were real. 

Let’s talk sound. This game featured the best sound effects ever like, crackling wood as you walk up and down the hallway. You can also hear heavy panting and demonic whispers with dramatic music which made for a scary experience. 

I must say there were more than a few times that I found myself jumping. 

If you have not had the chance to try this demo I recommend that you try it as soon as you can. 

If you don’t have access to a PS4 you can simply watch a play through of it pm YouTube! Make sure you have the speakers on loud and are watching in the dark to add to the suspense. 

Have you played P.T.? What are your thoughts on this demo? Was this the scariest thing you have ever played?

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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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The big reveal of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare at Gamescom happened this week!

Overall Call of Duty has had its share of critics over the years and it’s been said that the game never changes.

Well… you can take that argument and throw it away. 

The game has changed graphically and game-play wise. 

It borrows from fps brothers like Titan Fall, Battlefield and Killzone. 

What you have is COD at the core but a much more advanced game that continues to add and add until you have something similar to most of the games already out. 

Customization seemed to be one of the biggest features of this particular game.

There are some negatives that I see, like aiming while jumping during boost jump and specifically targeting another players head.  Get caught running in front of someone and its lights out. 

One of the things that I liked was the coop score streak where one person can share their streak with another. 

For the most part, this game will be fun to play.

Sure there will be people taking advantage of certain ways to killer their opponent, but at the end it’s all fun and games.

What are your thoughts on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare multiplayer?  Did you watch the reveal?

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Ace Phoenix Chronicles – A Blog of Inspiration and A Touch Of Reality



I have the honor and privilege of introducing another gifted and talented individual as it relates to writing. His name is Joseph Wilson and he happens to be my cousin.  He is the creator and contributor to Ace Phoenix Chronicles, a blog that offers inspiration and encouragement.

If you ever want encouragement or simply want to get into deep discussions on life check him out.  Joseph articulates himself very well and is also an English major like myself.

If you wish to check his blog out, go here

In his first blog post he lists the steps necessary to becoming the person you want to be. If you check out his blog you cannot be wrong.

To follow him on Google plus go here !

As always thanks!

Is It Okay to be Black?


       This will be one of the most controversial posts that I have ever written. I don’t mean to offend or disturb or cause any harm to anyone.  Instead I want to grab attention and start a conversation. This will, as always be my personal thoughts on this particular issue.  Some may say that I am pulling the race card but I beg to differ, especially when situations that are occurring around the world continue to bring race to the forefront.

I will always be the person that I am and in no way am I racist. You might also be wondering what does this have to do with gaming and or literature. I’ll tell you. If one’s life was cut short they will no longer be able to play a game or read a book. This will not be a political or head line snatching blog either but in this situation I felt it was important to discuss nonetheless.

With the recent death of Michael Brown, many people have begun to ask the question is it ok to be black? If you have not heard Michael Brown was the young unarmed teen from Ferguson, Missouri who was gunned down by a Police Officer.

Riots and prayer vigils quickly followed as news spread about his death. People are calling for the firing and prosecution of the officer who took his life.

Does an unarmed person deserve to die? Is it ok to be Black?  Well I guess this would depend on your personal thoughts, No one deserves to die and it is okay to be Black, but I think that when you are Black you should be careful as you would in any other race.

It’s important to surround yourself with positive people. You can become guilty just by association and will go down with those around you if they are doing wrong.

In Michael’s situation, I cannot say what really occurred as I was not there but the fact that he was unarmed speaks volumes on the conversations that need to be had. Conversation perhaps within law enforcement to the extent of not firing right away and or a new technique to access situations… Regardless when these situations occur one should be held responsible.

An investigation is ongoing and I am sure decisions will be made on the case pending further details.

Perhaps the title is a bit of an exaggeration but with the changing times, it is becoming clearer that stereo types still exist and that racism might still be here even in 2014.

The stereo type that says that a Black man maybe committing a crime or simply up to no good when they are walking down the street.  Let’s face it, sure crimes occur by Black men everyday but not all.

The death of Trayvon Martin also made headlines and started a movement that will last forever.

The senseless killings of our youth has to stop.

I just want to address one more thing, the Black on Black violence that is occurring. How can we love others if we not love ourselves?  We must love one another and walk in unity and know that what another person has, we can get if we work hard. There is no need to fight, steal or kill over anything.

I think with time and attention that all the deaths of today’s youth will end.

RIP Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown! As always thanks for reading!



Benefits Of Having a Kinect with Xbox One

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We all know Microsoft cut the price of the Xbox One to be on par with that of the PS4.

It has been said that people don’t see the benefit of the Kinect.

I on the other hand, don’t see how one can live without it. The Kinect offers so much more functionality to the Xbox One. The catch is when it wants to work.

The Kinect is a God send when it decides to work. There were times that I had to literally tell the Xbox that the Kinect did not see when I set in front of it,

Once calibrated I found that the Kinect indeed did start to work better.

Voice commands like “Xbox on”, Xbox Off”, Record that” all make the Kinect a must have. Well, especially those who are lazy who shall remain nameless…….

Anyway, I feel that the Kinect only enhances the Xbox One experience. Regardless if you get the system without or without Kinect you have made a great choice.

Some may feel that Microsoft is not consistent in their message being that they came out the gate pushing Kinect and now have changed their minds. Instead what this indicates that they are listening to consumers and want to become more competitive.

What are your thoughts Kinect? Do you think Microsoft made a mistake by not continuing to bundle the Kinect?





Milking the Cow,Micro-transactions the death of Gaming?

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Chances are if you in your 20’s you know of a time where games used to ship complete. When you heard a game went gold you knew you had the beginning, middle and end of a story all intact.

If there were any extra characters you usually had to beat the game on various difficulties to unlock them.

I’m not even sure if DLC was a word back then, come to think of it I think it was a curse word. A places of forbidden territory.  If a game required extra content, extra game discs were including at no extra cost.

All this has changed. In a world of what you see if not what you get you have to be careful in which product you choose to invest your time in.

Today games come out unfinished, half storied, with the other half as DLC.  Then the cow went a mooing, cows started showing up in games like COD, Battlefield to name a few.  No literal cows but you get my point.  It’s like the famer’s said, “Lets milk these cows and the cows said moooooooo”.  Squeezing out every possible reason for a transaction.

For example, A wolf skin covering a dog….. Really? How about chapters to a game that should have already been included in the first place but using the excuse that it wouldn’t fit in the game?

I think this will be a trend that will be happening more and more in the future as gaming continues. If you are not a fan of this practice be sure to stay away from games that have it. I mean you can ignore the option all together by not buying any extra content outside of the original purchase of the game itself.

I don’t think that this will end gaming but I feel it will however, make it a common practice to see such options made available.

I guess this can be a positive as well. What are your thoughts? Do you support micro-transactions? Do you think they will be the end of gaming? Will we see it more often?

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I’m Jumping Outside the box are you?




So this post is personal and I am sort of being vulnerable but I don’t mind. At least you will have some sort of sense of who I am as a person.

*I want give a disclaimer, you might feel as with this being a so called gaming site that I should only talk about games but I am finding out that its more deeper than gaming. Life, literature and gaming all counter act with one another. *

Onto my point,

I’ve always played it safe when it came to my life and existence. I never wanted to be that person who went all out and did it for the vine sort of speak. 

I always kept to myself and mind my own business. I think it was for this reason that I garned so much respect in terms of my friends who often came to me for advice on various situations. 

To say the least, I think that the advice that I offered often surprised myself as I could not believe such nuggets of insight and wisdom were flowing from me. 

I have been in the box primarily all my life as it relates to how I felt about myself, I had ideas but I rarely would act on it. 

As a matter of fact, this blog was something that I procrastinated on for the longest time. You’re probably wondering why I am sharing all this with you? 

When I produced this blog it was birthed from an idea and became some much more. I have decided to jump out of the box and not be manipulated, controlled or dictated to by anyone. 

I have my hater’s don’t get me wrong, those who think that their opinion matters and that my business should be their top priority. In reality their two cents isn’t worth a penny so they really don’t matter. 

 I say that to encourage you again. I want you to take whatever negativity you are experiencing in life and jump outside the box that people are trying to trap you in. I have decided to jump out of the box as it relates to being sure about myself and using the negativity as positivity. Use it to encourage another person. 

 Living without walls is another option I present to you. I look forward to sharing with you my experience with this very metaphor.  I know as of late I have not been talking about gaming, However, I know that all these things eventually go together.  So at this point, I encourage you to jump outside the box, whatever your box maybe.

As always thanks for reading. Please comment share and follow. I really appreciate that you took the time to come read my blog. 



Writing for Numbers…………………


In a world filled with click bait, lie’s and copy cats, I find myself asking the question do people really care what I talk about? Does the fact that I write according my to my own schedule really matter? Does the content have substance?

Have I began to write for numbers? You know, write for views? Am I a view junky?

The answer is yes and no. I admit I do look at my stats and pay attention to what people like the most.  I do see a pattern.  In no way do I want to jeopardize my feelings or views on a subject just so I can get views.

I used to share my writings on Facebook, which allowed me to have a larger audience but I found that people weren’t really paying attention. I would have to beg people I considered friends just to read my content.  I got to the point where I said I will not share content through this medium but I will make it available to those who would want to see it via a link. That will show me if people really cared.

I must share with you all that in the amount of time that I have had this blog that it has continued to grow. It means that I have a voice and that people are enjoying the content that I write.  I don’t write frequently because I believe in having content that provokes deep thought as it relates to gaming, literature and life.

. I admit it is a challenge trying to establish, maintain and exist among such talent here on However, I believe that if you write from the heart and are sincere in what you believe that the people will follow you. I can attest to this fact, as I now I am nearing 100 followers. For some people this maybe miniscule number but for me this is no small accomplishment. I’d rather go slow and gain the trust and interest of people than to rush and offer nothing different from the millions and millions of people that write on here every day.

I am grateful for my place here on WordPress and I am grateful to my fellow bloggers who have reached out to me and have shared my content with others. I can never allow numbers to stop me, I hope you will not either. Remain encouraged regardless of what your stat pages shows, keep writing and know that your audience is on the way to you if you remain consistent in your ability to engage them.

Never take numbers as an indicator per say but keep going. I am not saying be ignorant to the numbers I am saying if you keep working hard in the paint, when you lift your head up you will find you’re not alone in the paint anymore!


To my fellow writer’s, bloggers, followers, friends, or anyone in general, never compromise in what it is that you believe and what you want to accomplish! Please don’t only write for numbers but let it be in your heart!

Thanks for reading and make sure to follow, comment and share!