More than a Feeling………


Just how important are your feelings before, during and after gaming?

So we know that there are a number of feelings associated with this hobby.

Feelings of rage, anger sadness and bitterness. Sure we all have our own reasoning to why we feel such a way but is there any direct link to what the story?

As I have mentioned in this blog, my belief is that the adventure is all in the details. The story, game play and character all make a game what it is.

To that end, your feelings have some say as well. I’m not speaking on if you think that a game is terrible or not but the feelings that you experience in general.

Do you think your feelings have an impact in your gaming beyond if a game is good or not?

You can have a good game in front of you but you can then be dissatisfied emotionally which could affect your experience.

As always comment, follow and share.

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