The Journey to Youville !

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I wanted again encourage each and every person who reads this. I am not sure if this blog will turn into a encouragement blog, but I feel that this is sometimes necessary.

You start out wanting to travel down the road less traveled, to be an individual uniquely different from all those around you. As you grow older you start to live and learn and begin to be shaped by the world around you

Restricted by societal norms and expectations you find yourself in a dilemma of fitting in or standing out. In the process you lose yourself and take on the responsibility as to that society thinks you should have

So what now? What is your path? Which road should you take?

The path you should take is the path of your own.

Value your family and what they expect of you, most of all value think highly of you, realize your potential goals and dreams. No one can beat you at being you

I speak about the power of “You” so much because that is something that cannot be taken away. Your qualities, good, bad and ugly all belong to you and make you who you are.

No matter what road you travel down, never be afraid.   Never struggle being you. You are the best you the world could ever ask for.

Let your you shine.

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