A Bird’s Eye View of the Community




The image, definition and abilities of gamer’s have changed with time and technology. We are complex as much as the game’s that we play. I have spoken much about the ever growing conflicts within the gaming community and the changes that have occurred.

Flying above all the drama, bias, fan boys and clicks, I just wanted to comment on where I see gaming going.

It amazes me how popular message boards are and how popular YouTube Podcasts are.  All these things are good but from the top looking down, how do we first get rid of the negativity between consoles gamer’s and PC elitists?

Then, how do we solve the lack of diversity in the gaming community? I have talked about this before as it relates to the choice of having a black character as a lead in a game but not too much about diversity in the gaming forefront.

There is a serious lacking in terms of diversity. Don’t get me wrong there are people who are active on YouTube and there is a community there full of diverse people but as it relates to the mainstream it is lacking.  There are a few people who are in the field but they don’t receive as much credit as they should for their work.

I did a poll not too long ago about seeing if there was a problem as it relates to black characters in video games and for those who responded ( very few lol), they agreed that there was no problem. However, there is a problem with diversity.

Moving forward, I hope to find a more leveled playing field. I hope to see people who are of the same skin color working for major companies and websites. Perhaps, it could be the interest of people who prefer to be behind the scenes rather than the forefront?  I don’t know but I hope for this to change.

As it relates to the consoles and PC gamer’s. Each group has to understand the aspects of their particular system of choice. Pc’s are upgradeable and can be manipulated to have the best graphics and sound. Consoles are stuck with what’s in the box and are limited to how far they can go. Once PC gamers understand that about consoles I feel that the feeling of superiority that some of them have will cease.

What are your thoughts about the gaming community? Are there any problems that you see?

Or is it all just a game?

Be sure to comment, follow and share. Thanks.





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