Thomas Was Alone

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At first glance this game did nothing for me. It appeared that the creators had big hopes for it.

Most games of indie decent fail to capture my attention like this one.

So how is jumping around as a rectangle any fun you ask? It’s not. I’d say it’s a puzzlematic experience instead, (I know I made up my own word). You play as this block or shape named Thomas who is always trying to make his way through various obstacles and levels.

Half way through the game you are joined by another character in which you have to manipulate and help out as well.

Though simplistic in design and structure this game has managed to capture every part of my being. I haven’t beating the game yet. I just wanted to talk about it and encourage those who have a PS Vita or another system that this game is on to try it out.

For those who are not familiar with this game, I would link it directly to Sound Shapes which can be found on PS3/PS4 and PS Vita.   Music plays a significant role in Sound Shapes as well as this game.

Once you try this game you will not be alone and neither will Thomas!!! Check it out when you get the chance!

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