The End of PS Vita?



PS Vita has been in a tough spot ever since it launched In United States.

The PS vita went after the hardcore market and boasted near Ps3 quality graphics on the go.

It failed to grasp the footing that was intended but has been somewhat of a success.

The Ps Vita has had its share of star titles such as Gravity Rush, Killzone Mercenaries, Uncarted Golden Abyss and Soul Sacrifice.  All of these games were great.  The system became the home to AAA games on the go.  Somewhere along the line it became an indie/ port system, struggling to run ports that its console brethren could handle with ease.

Perhaps a change in focus and or message was to blame? Then there was the lack of advertisements which did little to showcase the primary benefits of owning the system.

The Ps Vita saw the surge of indie games and met them with open arms all the while abandoning the hardcore players.  The lack of 3rd party support also was a factor that needed to be worked on. Games like Madden 25, NBA 2k14, failed to make their way to the system.

Compared to the psp, the Ps Vita got the cold shoulder from more than a few developers. As it stands currently the systems future look bleak as there may not be any more western type AAA games for the system. Sure the Vita continues to the number one spot for Japanese Rpgs and be successful in Japan for the most part, but it is still lacking.

I think if Sony chooses to get rid of the Vita (by not supporting it) they will be getting rid of a loyal fan base. The fan base that purchased the product initially expecting console games on the go. The system still has potential and if Sony could make more games that proved to be more to the hardcore crowds liking there would be a huge turn around.


The Ps Vita is now a streaming device for the PS4 through remote play and will be able to stream PS3 games through PS Now. The Vita should continue to have its own library that will grow and develop. The PS Vita deserves a fighting chance as its survival is up in the air according to Sony.


The PS Vita’s competitor 3ds has trouble of its own not too long ago but managed to turn it around through great games and word of mouth.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a PS Vita? How do you feel about the possibility of not seeing any more triple a games on the system?

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