Did Internet Ruin The Party?


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There used to be a time where gaming was difficult. Strategy guides were a given amongst the most avid gamer’s. If you didn’t want to spend the money on buying one you would borrow a friends or even go to the store and read it desperately trying to get past the part your stuck on.

Shhhh….. Just make sure you didn’t tell anyone that you were reading the magazine and not planning on buying it.

The Internet brought so much to gaming. It all started with cheats.  Cheat your way through the game why don’t you. Then came video game tutorials which totally put the print guides into an early grave. No longer would you have to read, all you had to do was watch.

With this change however, comes spoilers. Games today are often ruined before one even gets the chance to play it. If you are a member of any of the social networks you will see people talk about games often revealing there ending

Do you think the Internet has ruined the gaming party? What are your thoughts? Be sure to follow, share and comment.


2 thoughts on “Did Internet Ruin The Party?

  1. michellejoycebond July 15, 2014 / 10:14 PM

    The internet did sort of ruin the party…but games are also more complicated. I’m sort of glad for that endless stream of information when I’m stuck trying to cut down the same flaming zombies for the thirtieth time before they crash into my dynamite birthday cake. 🙂

    • englishgameruninhibited July 16, 2014 / 3:21 PM

      HI Michelle, yes you are right games are on a bigger scale than they have ever been. The Internet has improved gaming for the better but it still has its negatives Thanks for commenting I really enjoy talking to you.

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