And The Beat Goes On- My top 7 games I adore because of their music.

Believe it or not one of the most important aspects of a game is its music. The music sets the tone, atmosphere and pace of the game. Music helps us believe the story being told.


1. Up first is Grand Theft Auto Vice City- This game featured music from the 70’s and 80’s and offered a vibe like none other. I remember causing mayhem while listening to songs like “Video Killed the Radio star”.




2. Tekken 3- The next game that I loved in particular for its music, maybe I shouldn’t say just one game. I like the entire franchise of Tekken. I have mentioned this game other times on this blog, but the music in this game was very progressive and urban to say the least. Tekken 3’s music remains one of my favorites to this day.

download (1)


3. Streets of Rage 2, 3 – My list would not be complete without this game. Streets of Rage 2 in particular, has the jazziest night club music you will ever hear. Head bopping and foot stumping and the occasional shuffle all make their appearances when I am playing this game.

download (2)    download (8)


4. Tomb Raider- (Reboot) – This goes without saying. Not only were the graphics redone for this game but the music was as well. The music provided an awareness not seen in previous games. The sound of the strings and dramatic theatrics of the voice acting really made me feel a sense of urgency.

download (4)



5. Soul Caliber – This game was also another favorite of mines. The music was grand and regal ensuring that your soul will still burn during battles.




6. Super Mario Brothers- The music in these games are iconic and never changes. Sure after hearing some of the music I get annoyed but there is no replacement for Mario.

download (5)


7.  Sonic-2, 3 – I know there might be a theme here, 90’s games for the win huh? These two games had that funky element to them. Sonic somehow knew that it was the music that kept me playing as him. Levels like the Chemical Plant remain in my head to this day.

download (7) download (6)


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