Starting From the Bottom

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Much like the song  “Started From the bottom”, we all have our starting points in life . Some start from the bottom others start from the top.

Some have silver spoons in their mouths, others have to fight for the spoon. Wherever you find yourself the great news is that you don’t have to stay there. The sky is the limit for either situation.

When you are starting from the bottom, be it financially, socially, or location wise you have to focus on the positives.  You have to take chances and risks that others might not agree with. I’m not saying do anything drastic, I am saying do something to climb from the bottom to the top.

As I mentioned in my last post, I talked about feelings. Those are very important in the process of transitioning. You must have the right mind set as it relates to progress. You  must believe in yourself first and be willing to wait if you have to.

If you feel that you will always be at the bottom you will. If you never do anything to leave the bottom, wherever that maybe, you will still be there.

One of the most important things is to remember that no matter what you do, you will be critized. You might make a mistake, you might do something that people never want to admit that they have ever had the audacity to do. You might do a good thing and it might be evil spoken of. Never let that stop you.

You can take from your time at the bottom. If your  bottom is lack of money and your working towards  that goal of being financially secure once you finally reach the top, your then able to help someone else.  Being a witness that because you start at the bottom you don’t have to stay there.

Much comes out of nothing, rather it be revelation, determination, new dreams, hopes, goals and ideas.

Don’t be discouraged when your at the bottom by people who pretend to be better than you. For they have something hide for all their need to eject their arrogance. It takes time to make progress as it s not a over night thing.

Always remember there is room at the top. That’s where I am going.

Who’s coming with me?

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More than a Feeling………


Just how important are your feelings before, during and after gaming?

So we know that there are a number of feelings associated with this hobby.

Feelings of rage, anger sadness and bitterness. Sure we all have our own reasoning to why we feel such a way but is there any direct link to what the story?

As I have mentioned in this blog, my belief is that the adventure is all in the details. The story, game play and character all make a game what it is.

To that end, your feelings have some say as well. I’m not speaking on if you think that a game is terrible or not but the feelings that you experience in general.

Do you think your feelings have an impact in your gaming beyond if a game is good or not?

You can have a good game in front of you but you can then be dissatisfied emotionally which could affect your experience.

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What does Google’s purchase of Twitch mean for Gamer’s?


With the recent confirmation of the rumor of Google purchasing Twitch, My eye ball twitched as well. I could not believe my eyes. 

The company Google has made changes to YouTube in the past which have were not asked for nor appreciated. Making changes requiring users and viewers to make a profile separate from their YouTube name. In most cases this profile would use their real name.

Let’s not even begin to talk about the comment section, leaving comments requires that you deselect that you want to share the comment with the public beyond the place where you intend it to go.

As tor Twitch, now on Xbox One, now a God send, allows gamer’s to broadcast their gameplay. 

With the recent purchase, how would this change anything? Would this change for the better or for the worse? 

Will there be changes that we don’t want to see implemented? I hope not. Here’s hoping that the service stays the same! 

Do you think Google buying Twitch was a good thing? I’d like to hear from you!  

Destiny Beta -Halo through and through

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This is the talk of the town at this moment. The MMO beta has been released once again on both systems Xbox One and PS4. Currently I think you can play it for free without a beta code. 

The world is immersive with enemies on every side. Once you get past the tutorial the whole world awaits you. Want to purchase or upgrade your character? Be sure to stay in the fight and earn as much as you can. 

One of the most impressive things about this game is the level of interaction. Feel like dancing? Hit the right d-pad and have your person bust a move. Feel like pointing? Have your character point in the direction you want to go. 

 It’s a party up type of game so partying up will become a standard feature for you and your friends. 

The graphics of this game are great especially when you’re playing single player mode. No one can deny that this game is reminiscent of Halo and Borderlands. 

Well what are you waiting for? Get to shooting!

Video Games, Life and Theories

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Should video games only be played by those who are responsible?

What do you mean by responsible you ask? I mean those who are able to make the choice between right or wrong and accept responsibility for their actions.

This post is going to be pretty deep. I have had the chance to write on various topics as it relates to video games and there have been a few theories that I have ran across.

*Let me make a disclaimer, I am not trying to be politically correct, I am just stating my opinion and talking about theories that exist. My use of these theories just taps the surface as it relates to people. If your are interested in them please do study further!*

One theory is rooted in Criminology and the other psychological.  Two philosophers come to mind, Bandura and Akers.

First Albert Bandura, with the Social Cognitive Theory, which suggests that learning occurs from society and it’s actions and what is learned through observation. We are also influenced by those who we can relate to.  There is also indirect learning which is not always applied to our behavior. The product of who we are is the product of interaction of interaction between cognitive, behavioral and contextual factors.  We as people are influenced in ways that we aren’t even aware of.

Next, The Social Learning Theory as it relates to crime, by Ronald Akers states, The chances of a person engaging in criminal and deviant behavior is increased and the chances of their conforming to this norm is decreased when they differently associate with others who commit criminal behavior are more exposed in person to criminal/ deviant examples and expect greater reward than punishment for their behavior.


So what does this all mean? What does this have to do with video games?

Well, let’s start with the first theory, though both are similar they differ a bit. Social cognitive theory, speaks to learning through observation and being influenced by those who you can relate to. In terms of gaming, this can mean one playing a game and immediately begin to be influenced by the character on the screen. For example, someone is playing Grand Theft Auto they would go around in real life killing (an extreme example) though relevant.  They are influenced by the character and or the environment in the virtual world. This also speaks to the environment and surroundings as well in real life.

The next theory Social Learning theory speaks to the criminal side of things. Perhaps one direct environment. You are a product of your environment and as such are influenced by it. If one is in a high crime environment they can be influenced by this and the chances are high that they will participate and the decision is based on the pros and cons and punishment of a particular crime.


How does this relate to gaming? Gaming is a fun hobby to be a part of and sometimes it is blamed or comes up in the most violent crimes. Mass murders occur and it is said that the killer was an avid video game player. Most of the time these people might have mental disorders which all affect reactions and influence and their ability to separate the real from the fake.

This brings me back to my question, should responsible people only be able to play video games? Should people who know how to separate real from fake only be allowed to play?

Is there a method to find out if someone will not copy the actions of a particular video game?

Ok, I’ll answer this. I think by looking at past history as it relates to responses to situations should be the deciding factor. I think that video games are fun and those who play them should have fun but not be influenced by them.  Video games should be played by those who are responsible.

What are your thoughts about video gaming should it only be played by those who are responsible? Do you agree with the theories as it relates to human behavior? How do you feel about video games getting a bad rap in cases of extreme crimes?

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The Journey to Youville !

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I wanted again encourage each and every person who reads this. I am not sure if this blog will turn into a encouragement blog, but I feel that this is sometimes necessary.

You start out wanting to travel down the road less traveled, to be an individual uniquely different from all those around you. As you grow older you start to live and learn and begin to be shaped by the world around you

Restricted by societal norms and expectations you find yourself in a dilemma of fitting in or standing out. In the process you lose yourself and take on the responsibility as to that society thinks you should have

So what now? What is your path? Which road should you take?

The path you should take is the path of your own.

Value your family and what they expect of you, most of all value think highly of you, realize your potential goals and dreams. No one can beat you at being you

I speak about the power of “You” so much because that is something that cannot be taken away. Your qualities, good, bad and ugly all belong to you and make you who you are.

No matter what road you travel down, never be afraid.   Never struggle being you. You are the best you the world could ever ask for.

Let your you shine.

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A Bird’s Eye View of the Community




The image, definition and abilities of gamer’s have changed with time and technology. We are complex as much as the game’s that we play. I have spoken much about the ever growing conflicts within the gaming community and the changes that have occurred.

Flying above all the drama, bias, fan boys and clicks, I just wanted to comment on where I see gaming going.

It amazes me how popular message boards are and how popular YouTube Podcasts are.  All these things are good but from the top looking down, how do we first get rid of the negativity between consoles gamer’s and PC elitists?

Then, how do we solve the lack of diversity in the gaming community? I have talked about this before as it relates to the choice of having a black character as a lead in a game but not too much about diversity in the gaming forefront.

There is a serious lacking in terms of diversity. Don’t get me wrong there are people who are active on YouTube and there is a community there full of diverse people but as it relates to the mainstream it is lacking.  There are a few people who are in the field but they don’t receive as much credit as they should for their work.

I did a poll not too long ago about seeing if there was a problem as it relates to black characters in video games and for those who responded ( very few lol), they agreed that there was no problem. However, there is a problem with diversity.

Moving forward, I hope to find a more leveled playing field. I hope to see people who are of the same skin color working for major companies and websites. Perhaps, it could be the interest of people who prefer to be behind the scenes rather than the forefront?  I don’t know but I hope for this to change.

As it relates to the consoles and PC gamer’s. Each group has to understand the aspects of their particular system of choice. Pc’s are upgradeable and can be manipulated to have the best graphics and sound. Consoles are stuck with what’s in the box and are limited to how far they can go. Once PC gamers understand that about consoles I feel that the feeling of superiority that some of them have will cease.

What are your thoughts about the gaming community? Are there any problems that you see?

Or is it all just a game?

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