Zelda Wii U- A Transformation of Link?


No one can deny the beauty that surrounds the new Zelda game on Wii U. If graphics could talk, it would say “Look at me, I know you can’t look away”. Initially I was floored with the graphic fidelity that my eyes was beholding. I am impressed with what they were able to do.

The environment seemed to be full of life and animated with great detail. I for one, had no complaints with the continued use of cell- shaded graphics. Though it is a departure from the Zelda 2011 tech demo that we grew to love.

The choice to go with the cell-shaded look has definitely been a shock to others wishing for a darker and grittier Zelda.

However, one of the most controversial things that has come up has been that Link looks like a girl. Of course I don’t agree with this but we are talking about someone who used to think that Link was Zelda. Lol could you believe that? Anyway, I have come a long ways since then.

I think that Link’s appearance has changed but not to the point of where he looks like a girl. Even if he looked like a girl he would still be a lady’s man!

Perhaps Link had some plastic surgery to look younger as he has been around for a while? Who knows, but I am sure his new appearance will have no effect on his abilities in the game.


What are your thoughts on the new Zelda Wii U reveal? Does Link look like a female?

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