And the E3 2014 Winner Is………………………………………………….


So E3 2014 came in like a flood and with it came a ton of game announcements. Though some of my E3 wishes weren’t there such as “The Last Guardian” I came away impressed.

Microsoft came in with their gloves on ready for battle. Immediately, I noticed how the presenters were dressed down. This was a step in the right direction. It set the tone of the entire show letting us gamers know that they are gamers just like us. 

I am not going to list every game and recap every little announcement as the media has been lit ablaze with people putting their own spin on things. I just wanted to give my opinion. 

Having said that, I came away impressed with Microsoft, because of their in your face approach, game after game after game. There was never a dull moment. Don’t forget about all the other goodness that was shared before E3. Microsoft has now realigned itself with its competitor and made its service even better. Swallowing your pride is not an easy thing to do but it can be done. 


As for Sony, I walked away kind of puzzled. I felt that they mentioned TV a couple of times which seems to suggest that they had adopted the approach of Microsoft prior E3. There were times I felt bored and a bit let down. The good stuff was all at the end as it relates to things that I was interested in. I was glad to see the gameplay video for the Mortal Kombat X game among other things. I felt that Sony should have had their gloves on to begin with. Come out swinging, don’t talk about numbers, show game play and show us why we should value the PlayStation line of products. I would say they did average.


The company who surprised me the most was Nintendo. The underdogs of the industry have somehow pushed their way back to the competition. With such announcements as Zelda Wii u, and Star Fox Wii u to name a few, they set the world on fire. I now have renewed interest in Wii U as a system and am now impressed by its graphical capabilities. Sure, it’s not on par with PS4 or Xbox One but there is no denying the pretty it can produce. 

So, in my opinion the winner for E3 2014 would have to be a tie between Nintendo and Microsoft! I like all the companies and enjoy their games but I must say that I am impressed with what Nintendo brought to the table. Fans have been asking for Star Fox for the longest time and now they will be able to get it. Microsoft has repositioned itself and the Xbox One will reap the benefit of it. 

For some Sony’s PS4 will always be the system of choice as it can produce the best quality out of all the systems at the moment. Sony has this going for them. However, if they can bring more exclusives out for the system it would be even better. 

I really enjoyed watching E3 and one day I hope to attend. What are your thoughts about E3 2014? Where there any games that you were not expecting? Did you even watch? Did you go to E3? As always be sure to follow, comment and share. 



2 thoughts on “And the E3 2014 Winner Is………………………………………………….

  1. Phronemophobia June 12, 2014 / 12:20 AM

    Nintendo stood out so much, I almost forgot that they’re the ones suffering from poor sales. A new Zelda game that finally provides the gameplay of the original LoZ, a multiplayer shooter that actually interests me, and Smash Bros, of course, all support my increasing desire to purchase a Wii U in the near future… rather than play catch-up with my current collection of games. Sony and Microsoft provided the usual stuff, and both were entertaining, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised by any of it.

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