Age Ain’t Nuthin But a Number




Excuse my plunge from normalcy as it relates to the English language, I wanted to use a bit of slang.  

Now on with the program………..

Those of us who grew up with Mario or had an Atari appreciate the technological marvel that is video games today. Most of us have our own families with little gamer’s and are just about to knock at 30’s door. 

We have stories to tell, like how Mario was literally half the man he is today many years ago. He often needed a ladder to reach the high platforms in order to save the princess. 

This brings me to my thought, is gaming a young person’s sport? Should there be street creed if you’re a person who has been gaming for 20 years versus someone who has been gaming for a year?

Perhaps, we can teach those young gamer’s a thing or two about playing a game. Things like, always be sure to save your progress, try to play the game on your own before looking for help, adventure outside of your comfort zone of Call Of Duty or whatever your game choice might be.  You want those trophies? Work hard to earn them. Try not to use cheat codes unless it’s the last resort. It’s important to note that games today will not allow cheat codes unless one no longer wants to receive trophies and or achievement points. 


The most important thing of all to remember that gaming is a hobby for which you can get paid for but until then have fun and always try your best. If you’re stuck on a part take a break from it and then try again. 

What I like most about gaming is how everyone can play regardless of their age. As long as one can see and are able to understand there is a game that is waiting for them. 


Keep gaming because Age Ain’t Nuthin but a Number. 


What are your thoughts? Should young gamer’s or gamers who are just starting out look up to those who come before them? 



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