You Vs. Others

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It has been a while since I have written anything. Sometimes life can come at you full force and you have to go along with it.

So the whole point of video games is to play and have fun.  You can do this either by challenging the computer or taking your game online to vs the world.

In reality life is really a battle between you and others.

If you make a choice to do a specific thing such as buy a particular system or make a decision about something that you think is best, you will always have to battle people opinions and beliefs.

Just like the main character in a game you then have to navigate and filter out all the junk that comes your way.

If you feel a certain way about a thing embrace that feeling as long as it is a good one.

Know that the judgment and so called execution from others really doesn’t matter. Only what you think about you and your life matters.

If you want to go back to school go for it! If you want to start that new relationship, go for it! Never let negativity hold you down from being who you are.

Feel free to live your life freely according to the guidelines and principles that you believe.

It won’t be easy to do, you will have your nay sayers who feel that they should have some say over you and dictate who you should be and what level you should arrive to in life.

Some people even hate on you just for spite and when they get a little dirt or something on you they will try to use it against you, it becomes a big thing because they cannot stand who you are. But be encouraged and be you in spite of.

The best way I can put say this is that life is like an airplane gliding through the clouds.

The airplane may pick up flying debris or when flying through a storm it may be hit with rain, wind and turbulence.

The planes ability to remain on course will speak to it arriving safely.

You are the airplane vs the storm, glide your wings, maneuver yourself through the rain and turbulence for you have a date with destiny.

I think it is important to have a definition of who you are as a person at the core because when all the other parts of you are attacked.

The core of who you are will still remain. Know that no one can beat you at you being you!

Sure in the height of the moment, drama and pure hatred from others, you can lose your focus and start to cave into what others think of you but none of that matters.

What matters is “YOU”, what “YOU” say what “YOU” think and how “YOU” feel.  Know that in your navigation of life that you can and will be successful.

People say life isn’t a game but I beg to differ. Just like video games, we have a specific path that we must go on with specific tasks we must complete.

Traveling along the way you find advantages and rewards, traps and disappointments, again, it’s all about how you navigate!

I just wanted to encourage “YOU”. Keep your head up and be who you are.

Always be “YOU” in the battle vs others!

How have you navigated the road of life? How has the game of life affected you? Have you had haters and nay sayers trying to attack you? Leave a comment below.

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