Next Gen Game Drought Vs Wii U Game Drought

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There’s no secret that the so called next generation of gaming has become a desert. Promise after promise was made to gamer’s expecting the next big thing.

We were promised graphical leaps only possible on next generation hardware. This was something to look forward to. Sure we have seen some games looks amazing but the experience in terms of game-play that has not differed. A few of you may disagree with me on this but this is how I feel.

The approach from both companies seem to be different, Sony is focusing on games but their games seem to be of indie descent at the current moment. Big releases on the system as it stands are now multi plates. With big name games coming sometime later this year or the next year for that matter. Microsoft is not without their share of problems, with the Xbox one struggling to hit 1080p. It seems to me that Microsoft might have a few more games up its sleeve but no one can deny the lack of games on either system.

Some gamer’s I spoke to have returned to playing their previous generation systems. This brings me to the Wii U. The step child of the gaming industry as I call them, had a huge drought in which nothing currently happening in gaming can compare to. Games that were supposed to come out weren’t ready because Nintendo had not taken the steps to make themselves aware of just how demanding and time consuming an HD game could be. Promises were made and apologies as well. People began to lose hope because a lot of their big games were pushed back and were trickled out every few months.

At the current moment with the Wii U however, it seems Nintendo has struck gold. All there major releases are coming out this year. We have seen Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, we have seen Super Mario 3D World and will soon see Mario Kart 8 the end of this month. With Super Smash Brothers coming for 3DS and Wii U this year things couldn’t look any better.

Though the initial dry spell was worse on the Wii U than that of the current next generation, things are beginning to change and will get better with time. No one would have thought that they would have gotten a new system only to have it collecting dust but that is the price you may have to pay to be an early adopter of the so called next generation or if you are one of those people who call themselves geeks and want to have every new piece of tech possible.


With this in mind, I say to all those who have these systems mentioned above, wait it out and try to make the most of the wait. It will only get better. Happy Gaming Everyone.


What are your thoughts on the gaming drought? Did you notice that there have been gaming droughts? Or were you too busy playing games to care? Be sure to comment, follow and share and like. As always, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Next Gen Game Drought Vs Wii U Game Drought

  1. Astro Adam May 11, 2014 / 9:29 AM

    I notice the droughts, but I’m almost always too busy playing a back log of games to care. Right now, I have 7 games to get through that I bought during last year’s Steam Summer Sale. I’ve finished 2 since then. Got a lot more to play and so little time to do it.

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