Decisions…… Decisions…. Decisions…..

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So I heard about Nintendo’s plan to not come to E3 2014 for the second year in a row.

Why not? Why let down your fans again? Why not come to the stage swinging and giving your competitors all you got?

Sure a private event is more personal but the fans are already used to this with the Nintendo directs.


I thought that Nintendo was going to bring the big guns this year, lights, publicity and most of all games to help save the struggling Wii U. I know that Super Smash Brothers U and Mario Kart 8 will indeed help sell systems but that should not be the only plan.

They should have used this opportunity to take a bigger stage and bring those hidden gems that we have been waiting for.  It’s all about making the right decisions, and this was the chance to put Nintendo back on the map and to give them back their space in the competition.  Some may disagree with me when I say that they lost their spot, however, I think it is safe to say that they are in their own world.  They continue to make decisions that are of the contrary that even the loyalists left don’t understand.

Perhaps this will work to their advantage but I cant help but to wish they would have stepped their game up. Here’s to a better year for Nintendo!

What are you thoughts? Do you feel that Nitendo has made the wrong decision not to attend E3 2014? Be sure to comment, share and follow.

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