No More Life’s


It’s been a little while, but I’m back!

Just how precious is the life of a video game character you’re playing as?

Very precious. Life’s come few and plenty.  Even when you have collect all the rings, coins and spheres lives are hard to come by.  This makes me wonder, how long do you play a game? Do you play up until the point when you get stuck? Or do you play the game and take a break?


I’ve spoken often about the challenges I have had while playing Super Mario 3D Land, in which Mario would fall into the background to his immediate end. He would also lose his footing at the end of a jump sending him to hell down below.  This didn’t occur only once, but this happen continually, to the point where I assumed that Mario no longer wanted to cooperate for the sake of saving the Princess.  The moving stage was also something that made

Ok, so I shouldn’t say that he didn’t want to cooperate because it was all my doing however, he did die more than a few times. The cloud suit couldn’t even save him from wanting to fall off the cliff.  This made me question if I was going to continue to play the game or trade it in.

In this situation death did us part!  Have you given up on a difficult game after repeated deaths of a character?

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