The Controversy Surrounding NBA Live 14


Graphically inferior to its direct competitor NBA 2k14, Live tries to make up for its short comings on the court.

Based on EA’s Ignite engine players are to expect a fluid and realistic experience. However, what you get can be completely different.

For starters, the pace of the game while online plays a lot slower. The ball glides in the air like it’s made of feathers and magically allows the opponent on the other team to make effortless threes. Players on the court are also able to catch the ball from more than half way down the other end of the court.

There are graphical glitches with arms blending into jerseys. You will even be lucky if your able to find someone to play against online as when I first tired a total of 201 people were online.

Though NBA 2k14 is more polished than NBA Live I still find myself gravitating towards Live. This game does not look next gen, the ball was dropped in this area. Updates and improvements to the lighting and graphics have been done to make the players look less plastic and give them a realistic appearance.

The creators have gone on record to apologize for disappointing fans.  This has lead to the controversy in the gaming community. Why should we have to pay full price for a game that is not next generation as promised? Initial showings of the game looked amazing, however, the products presentation differed greatly. The game still needs graphical improvements if it’s ever going to match that of NBA 2k14.

With the negatives aside this game is fun to play with a better sound track in my opinion. It’s also more accessible to play. I did notice the graphics and was initially turned off by them however, I have played games in the past that did not look as good as this one. I was able to forgive them and focus on the game which was most important.  Fans and press were turned off by this game, yet and still there are still die hard ones who play. For them, they acknowledge that while NBA 2k14 looks nice and has made advancements in the field of graphics and balling, nothing replaces the NBA Live experience.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the game is priced at about $20.00. I am hoping that the next game will be much better and they will look to their competitor for inspiration in graphics and gameplay. With that being said, I recommend this game if you want an experience outside of NBA 2k14.  Don’t let graphics stop you from playing any type of game after all it’s about the gameplay.


You can pick up NBA Live 14 for the Xbox One and PS4.


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