Weird Things Related to Gaming- Could You Relate?

So here is my list of things that have annoyed me over the years in the world of video games. 



1. Pitfall – One of my most memorable childhood games. It was challenging yet rewarding. However, the graphics weren’t too good and became annoying quickly. It’s something about it that haunts me to this day.



2. Super Mario for the Nintendo- I can’t remember which game it was but when Mario had to battle bowser at the end on the battle stage, the music would always make me sick to my stomach. I don’t know, weird huh?



3. Sonic the hedgehog- If you left Sonic in the water too long back in the day, it would trigger fast and dramatic music of adrenaline inducing proportions. This music triggered here would have me panicking in real life as a youngster.



4.  Mortal Kombat, “Finish Him” the words on the screen would say, Immediately triggering music, that once started, would make me lose all control, My nerves would take over and I would forget any button combinations I was attempting to do to punish my opponent,  Before I knew it the person was on the ground and so was my controller.

Well there you have it folks, my little funny experiences in gaming when I was younger. What are some weird things that happened while you were playing video games? Be sure to share, like, comment and follow. 


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