The Next Gen Promise

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Remember E3  2013?  We were promised so much for the next generation. Eye popping graphics, powerful systems, and more features that weren’t possible the previous generation. In some ways we have gotten that, systems are now pc based and run faster. We were promised games that would prove to us how far technology has come.


PC elitists, would say that PC’s are more powerful than next generation systems in which they would be right. For us gamer’s this was the step into the future. Again, the hype surrounding next generation was higher than ever leaving gamer’s high for weeks.

Moving forward to what we actually received, big name games were pushed back to different time slots, each system experienced droughts and games that were in my opinion lack luster.

Games didn’t score high enough in their reviews and the door was opened to patch heaven.


Where does this leave us? It leaves us with systems and games that we can play over and over. Going deeper, it leaves us with a promise. I’ve heard from PS4 owners that though there system may not have that many games currently it will pay off in the end. Should one have to wait for the experience they were promised?  Should one person take one for the team, in this case have nothing new to play on their shiny console?  Should the promise out way the drought and or lack of complete games? Though the previous generation of systems were out a long time, I feel they could have waited to launch next generation a little while longer so each system could be complete.


Monthly system updates are something that Microsoft users have become used to in terms of Xbox One. Though these updates bring improvements some of the features should have existed day one. Sony is right behind with a massive update planned.

This brings me to my question. Is the next generation of gaming what you expected? Was the cart put out before the horse? What are your thoughts? Be sure to comment, follow and like.


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