My review of titan fall- Xbox one, my final verdict

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When I first played this game in during the beta stages, I was hyped and eager to experience something new.

Titan Fall offered a Call of Duty pace and with a fresh spin on gameplay with the inclusion of mechs. My thoughts were for the better in terms of what was to come.  I did enjoy myself.

Fast forward to the current release of the game. Heads were pumped to the sky, Microsoft fan boys were out in full force toting this game as the savior of the Xbox one, though the game would be released on PC and Xbox 360.

The game seemed to be lacking in content from the start. After the first few weeks of playing the game seemed slightly boring. The hype train was real with this game, not saying that it wasn’t fun to play but it becomes a well-known traveled road after one takes the time to play.

Graphically, the game looks ok but there aren’t too many differences in the Xbox 360 version to warrant a purchase of the system as the Xbox 360 version is just as good.  I feel that the graphics could have been a bit better taking full advantage of system power. Perhaps, the engine that was used could have been updated as well.


The graphics and resolution do not take away from the fun. There’s something to be said about having a light beam from space to earth during a Titans arrival.  If I were to change one thing, I would say that the Titan Fall’s should be tied to skill level and not time. However, this would make the game seem like a COD clone.

This game was fun but I find myself waiting for the complete package. There is free downloadable content coming for the game which is a good thing as the game has gotten dry.

As the case with any game, playing with friends makes it so much better. If you don’t have the game pick it up and try it out. Its fun and full of action, just make sure you have the right people to play with or it could become a bit dry.

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